Yesterday, Beatles Downloads Seemed So Far Away

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A good percentage of online music buyers have probably, at some point, tried downloading a Beatles song, only to be informed that none were available. The band has been notably absent from the online music revolution, refusing to let their songs appear on various services. Some even speculated that the lack of some acts, like the Beatles, would impede the success of online music. It hasn’t been an impediment at all, showing once again that content creators need the internet more than the internet needs them. By not joining in, the Beatles only encouraged file trading of their music, or at the very least cut themselves off from a new generation of fans. It has come out through their trial against Apple that the band is set to let their music to be sold online. It’s not clear what prompted the change of heart; maybe it was something about money or album sales — love alone don’t pay the bills.

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Comments on “Yesterday, Beatles Downloads Seemed So Far Away”

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CyberCrone says:

Aw, fellas, be nice

The music biz seems to turn nice people nasty. The Beatles made enough money from their music to buy anything they want for another three lifetimes. You’d think by now they’d say, Let’s give something back to the people who made us multi-millionaires (billionaires?). Let’s let them download our songs cheap, or even free.

Gabriel says:

Beatles Music Downloads

I know I have searched for legal music to download from the Beatles online, and when there is none, I know personally, and from friends, that you resort to the free downloads.

Going out and buying a Cd takes more time than downloading.

Im glad they are having a change of heart.

Music you pay for always sounds better =P

ccarter says:

beatles and Jackson

Sony Music/ATV currently owns half of the Lennon-McCartney Beatles catalog with Michael Jackson; recent stories have speculated that Jackson is about to offer Sony the option to buy up to 25 per cent more of the catalog. Rights to original recordings of Beatles songs have always been highly protected — that’s why they mostly don’t show up on “Best of the British invasion”-type TV CD collections, etc. I don’t know if that is Sony/ATV/Jackson, or Yoko Ono and Paul McCartney exercising control over the performance rights, but I’d say they were right to keep the Beatles above the cheesy compilation discs, and wrong to keep them off online services.

Jim Quinn says:

Beatles for Sale

Sounds like an album,,you techies must be daydreaming non believers. There is a site with over a hundred Beatle albums and beatle tribute bands,you choose the bitrate, download method, and more than just the beatles,pretty much any artist you can think of.I have gotten over 300 downloads from them, all clean all clear all legal. did Allman Brothers “Eat a Peach” Double CD for 1.88, yes thats a dollar and 88 cents. Download single songs or entire cd,s less than 2 bucks, no I do not work for this company, nor do I profit from this company. And Jacko only owned part of the catalog which he or his people are trying to unload now. lets hear from all the naysayers now

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