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Sony Attacks Critical Review Of Movie They Know Is Bad

from the why-did-they-make-it-in-the-first-place dept

Most people can tell that Hollywood puts out a lot of junk every year, and one wonders whether the studios realize it as well. Apparently, they do know when something is bad, and they try to limit reviewers’ access to bad movies. They’re probably anxious to avoid another Gigli moment, with reviewers trying to outdo each other in who can be the meanest. When one reviewer slipped through the cracks and caught a screening of the upcoming Rob Schneider vehicle The Benchwarmers, Sony marketing went on the attack. According to the reviewer, the studio called papers where his write-up might have run, called him a liar and said he scammed his way into the screening. They even tried to trick the papers, telling them they’d have to pay extra to run the review, even though they subscribe to the wire service where it was posted. Of course, none of this addresses the review itself, or in anyway casts doubt onto the reviewers ojectivity. This isn’t the first time that Sony’s had controversy with film reviewers. A few years ago they were discovered to have made up fake quotes from a reviewer that didn’t exist (oddly, for another Rob Schneider film). What’s weird is if they know the movie is bad, why they bothered distributing it in the first place. Maybe they don’t want to miss the next Snakes On A Plane.

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Comments on “Sony Attacks Critical Review Of Movie They Know Is Bad”

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dan says:

Re: Why they bothered distributing it?

Why distribute this bilge?

When you spend $20mil or $30 mil or $50 mil on salaries, production and martketing (a good chunk if which as already been spend on pre-release marketing), what are you going to do?

Set all the prints on fire and write off the entire expenditure?

Or quietly put it on 2500 screens on opening weekend in an effort to cut your losses by pulling in $5mil to $15 mil from suckers who don’t know any better?

Sony (each studio for that matter) is not in this business for the sake of art. They are in this business to generate revenue and pay dividends.

If to do so they have to con you and i (ok, NOT you and i– some clueless saps) into swallowing a $15 shitburger (including sides of stale popcorn and flat soda), they don’t give a rat’s ass.

— dan

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:

I just filled out a requisition for 20 Canon Powershot cameras after returning nearly 2 dozen similar Sony Cybershots. When the vendor quieried me on the reason for the return I told him, “who knows what kind of software comes with those cameras.. I have a company to run.. I don’t want to worry about weather my machines are going to be hacked because I chose a Sony camera”.. I encouraged them to boycott Sony also.

My girlfriend’s parents couldn’t return their camera but they won’t buy another Sony product. Luckily the Sony camera doesn’t require you to install the CD.

Dave says:

that's funny

Sony tries to distract attention from the fact that their movies suck by changing the subject, impugning the source of the info, etc. Hilarious!

If they can just get enough advertising in quick enough, they just might be able to get people in to see the film before the scathing review comes out. Let’s say it’s a movie that will only appeal to dummies, like most stuff out there now. If they can get the dummy groundswell going, the bad review may not matter, whereas even dummies may be discouraged from going to the movie if enough bad reviews are seen early enough.

WadeTheWise says:

Sony = Evil; Benchwarmers = funny movie

Sony may be evil, I have no arguments to this. They seem to have a knack at stabbing themselves in the foot even more than RIAA. But that fact alon, I got into a screening of this movies last night and I thought it was hilarious. To each his own, i’m not saying everyone would enjoy it, but for me and the group of my friends that got to see it, it was unanimous in the affirmative for the film. May not have been the greatest acting or an exciting plot line, but it had tons of great slapstick moments, a good message, midgets, kip from nightrider, and the batmobile. The movie is about nerds coming back and getting all the bullies that hurt them…I would think anyone that reads tech dirt would like that 🙂

KDub says:

Snakes on a plane

Does anyone remember that SNL skit with Cobras on a plane??? I can’t believe they really made the movie -the studios are obviously bankrupt where creativity and good ideas are concerned.

It’s up to us, the American consumers, to quit lapping up their shitty product.

That said, I am probably going to see SoaP – I mean come on, they got Samuel Mothafuckin’ Jackson up in it.

Anonymous Coward says:

Sony Sucks… don’t think anything else needs to be said. I did have the pleasure of steering someone away from a Sony Vaio laptop last week 🙂

They bought a HP instead.

They liked the Vaio – but once I emailed him all that info about the rootkits – he agreed, he didn’t want any “suprises” on his laptop and though better of buying from Sony.

Sony… the word of mouths’ gonna drop that bottom line 🙂

The Ignored One says:

I think too many people have way too high expectaions for movies. If you don’t like sony’s movie, make a better one or shut up. How about we forget all the revewiers and just see the movie and decide for ourselves if the movie’s good or not?

Now that’s entirely unreasonable with other, more evpensive and usually hardware products, yes? I say buy conputers from apple or dell(if you want a pc). Then you’re sure that you’ll get the hardware how you want it, and the software’s gonna suck either way. If in five years there’s a still battle with HDDVD players on one side of the isle and Blu-Ray on the other side of the isle, buy whichever one you think has better movies, or if one has died, then buy the other. Don’t wory about sony or not or this actor vs that actor, worry about if you think it’s a good product from your own opinion.

Jared says:


>Oh, it’s just something that’s been annoyiing PC >users since shortly after we drove Saddam back to >Baghdad in the 1st Gulf War 15 years or so ago.


>Or have you not heard about that, either?

The guy was asking a legitimate question. He wanted to know what rootkit was and instead of telling him and releiving the world of a little bit of it’s ignorance you decide to make a sarcastic comment. You should be ashamed of your self.

Sychodelix says:

I don’t buy Sony products anymore because most Sony products are overpriced compared to things with similar features.

The fact is, Sony IS Evil (with a capital E).

Not to mention, Sony is one of the “Big 5” that make up the power hungry, scum sucking, rich off their a$$ recording studios. Not only does Sony one of the major idiots backing the RIAA, but the MPAA too!

So I’m sorry…just knowing that Sony is a large part of the RIAA and MPAA is enough to make me vomit in their general direction and want nothing to do with them or their products.

Playstation (SCEA) is about the only thing I “might” put any cash into that belongs to Sony, and that’s still a big if.

alternatives says:

You are finally comming about!

Sony is Evil. We already know that from the whole rootkit thing. Can we just get overthis and boycott sony?

You forgot that they also pay for the RIAA and MPAA, helping them to exist.

How about DRM?
Or directly to congress kritters for the DMCA

But I’m confused. If Sony is SO EVIL, why are you asking for a boycott? Why havn’t you already stopped buying their products/services?

alternatives says:

Get educated

Sony electronics is a seperate company from the fools who create/distribute the movies and music…get a clue and pull your collective heads out of your @$$3$

So that means that the donations of Sony Electronics over the DMCA are “OK”? The DRM parts are ‘an accident’? That there isn’t ANY input from Sony Entertainment?

If there is any ‘head pulling’ to be done….go research the campaign contributions.

acousticiris says:


The benchwarmers got a Bad Review? I’m shocked!

This backfired for Sony. Everyone who goes to see this kind of film knows that it probably got bad reviews.

Of course, that’s no reason not to distribute it. I’ve enjoyed more movies in the “1 star” range than in the “4 star” range. The guage I use is if the “critics” liked it, I probably won’t (Brokeback Mountain being a fine example of 4-star swill).

In reality, movies in “The Benchwarmers” genre you either “get”, or you have a brain. You have to be able to relate with characters who suffer from problems of the “bowel movement” nature, and must also enjoy seeing said caracters play out that suffering for excruciatingly long periods of time.

Sony is so far out of touch that they took “1 star” movie and created enough of a stink around it to ensure that portions of the target audience (the “bowel movement crowd” that *don’t typically read reviews*) would think twice about seeing it.

“If the reaction from Sony was this strong, the movie must really SUCK”, seems to be going through my head.

You don’t call attention to negative press by behaving like a three year old child who just had her favourite toy taken away.

l. r. D'nt'n says:

deserved reward

Nothing ever,ever ‘just happens’..everyone and every

decision has purpose..overt or covert. What prompted

“Davinci?” The Holy Bible gives the best answer. In the last days men will say ,”here is Christ, there is Christ but

don’t go after such. When He returns to judge man, every single person will see and every knee will bow before Him.

In the meantime the Anti-Christ will beworking profusely

to discredit faith in God, the Church, and believers. Ron Howard, saddly you and Tom Hanks and Sony have revealed where you stand. I hope you each confess your sin and receive Christ who forgives every sin,

however, I personally hope this picture and every connection to it tanks. lar

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