How The Web Made Sure There Were Snakes On The Mother Bleeping Plane

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Movie studios often have a bit of a love-hate affair with their online fans. In the early days of the web, there was all this fear that online fans would spread bad news about a film before final edits could be made, and a film would be ruined. A few years back, though, the studios finally started to recognize that fans could actually have good ideas for movies, and giving them what they wanted wasn’t such a bad idea. Of course, this usually was for films that came with a pre-set fanbase (usually based off of something else, or a sequel). However, since the web has been buzzing for the past few months over a film called Snakes On A Plane, it’s interesting to note that the producers of the film were clued in enough to bring back the cast to film more scenes, including one specific one requested by fans, getting Samuel L. Jackson to put in the obvious line involving the (bleeped) snakes on the (bleeped) plane. What’s interesting is just how much buzz this film has been able to drum up, mostly off of people obsessing over the sheer brilliance of the name.

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Comments on “How The Web Made Sure There Were Snakes On The Mother Bleeping Plane”

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Mike Savoie says:

More fodder for the belief that hollywood is actually out of ideas. I doubt they listen to the fans to please them, I think they’re simply out of ideas.

I mean, the trend lately has been remaking old movies or using old tv shows for the big screen. I personally think it’s the lack of or is that the overuse of drugs to blame.

Cptn. Jimmy says:

overuse drugs

Oh yes, I’m sure we want to see a movie made under the influence of marijuana. Buddy, I’m from Eugene Oregon, and let me tell you, that would be the worst thing you’d ever seen…

::fade in::

(shot up a guys face as he gazes into the camera. Shot mostly features his nose)

Stoner 1

Duuuude, I got a camera… we should totally do something…

Stoner 2 (outside of shot)


::repeat lines one and two for about an hour and a half::

Stoner 1

Duuuude, I got a camera… we totally should have done something…

Stoner 2 (outside of shot)


meddlemoon says:

Re: overuse drugs

that is such a stereotypical way to look at a smoker of marijuana. some of the most brilliant people, some of the most *active* people, are pot smokers. i am so sick of hollywood’s portrayal of the bahaviour of people who partake of the good herb. and if that’s *your* personal beahviour… stop smoking, you’re wasting it.

Verdimisa says:

Re: Re: Re: overuse drugs

People who use comebacks like that are lacking in the vocabulary to hold intelligent conversation. I would imagine that you are what you are condemning and that while you probably don’t smoke pot you probably drink more than your fair share. I have known many many people who smoke and they were and are the most creative intellectual and wonderful people I have ever known. You do not know of which you speak.

Michael says:

Having lived my entire life around stoners of every make and model, I can tell you they are EXACTLY like the stereotype. There are exceptions, and I applaud anyone who can enjoy the herb and still maintain firm control of their lives at stay active and productive, but they’re just that… exceptions. If you happen to live with a large group of such people, then you should all play the lottery, because lady luck’s got a thing for ‘ya.

Just thought I’d fuel the fire…

dani says:

Re: Re:

I am not condoning the use of drugs, they’re addictive & rather expensive, and they can make you do really stupid things (so can beer), BUT….

The “stereotypical” view of stoners (cheech & chong, dazed zombies cramming food in their mouth as they stare at a lava lamp, etc.) may be true for some, but you would be surprised at the number of SUCCESSFUL people who get high.

I live in a large city and come in contact with all types of people. Doctors, retired military captains, small business owners…LOTS of people you would never expect smoke weed.

Drive through a neighborhood with close to million dollar houses, mercedes in drive…NICE neighborhoods with professional residents…there are people in these neighborhoods who smoke weed, sell weed, etc.

As stated, I don’t condone the use of drugs…but marijuana doesn’t make people as “stupid” as you guys seem to think.

dani says:

RE: overuse of drugs

A smoker could have came up with a better name for a movie than “Snakes ona Plane” .

Maybe everyone should pass it around so they aren’t quite so thrilled by adding “motherf****ing” to the title.

Pothead ( I mean Comedy) Central has some entertaining shows, some actually intellectually based (SouthPark)…and MTV’s JackAss & BadBoys are not exactly the most intellegent, but much better than Mr. Oregon’s retake.

Dan (user link) says:


I had an idea to foster this kind of bottom-up design a while ago. I still think it’s a good idea to have the ticket-buyers directing what they want to see. It’s pretty obvious that this is a good thing.

know what? this is a good idea, I can’t find anyone that’s doing it. I’m doing it. heading over to networksolutions…

dani says:

Re: I don't see why

“Also- When they do the obligatory porn movie equivalent of this movie… what are they going to call it?”

…Debbie does a motherf***ing snake on a motherf***ing plane?

…And where are all the incomplete sentences we retards are writing btw? I see a few typos, some bad capitilization, maybe a few bad uses of grammar, but for the most part, the commentors on this post have done pretty good…the retard seems to be the one wasting space with nothing at all worthwhile to contribute.

Zeroth404 says:

“Jesus Christ people!! Figure out how to write a complete sentence, why don’t you! If you are really that friggin’ stupid, then please don’t comment at all. You are making all of America look bad. Retards.”

First of all, Jesus Christ was an illegitimate child.

Second of all, nobody is going to respod to a negative comment in a positive way.

And third, If Americans are making America look bad…well that just means that America IS bad.

Now let me hump your leg.

Mike Savoie says:

Way out of proportion

So I guess my original comment has gotten blown way out of proportion. All I meant was that growing up 70s & 80s, there seemed to be more creative thinking in hollywood, ie the shining, deliverance, the national lampoon series( with chevy chase ), Poltergiest, Exorcist series, 80s b movies that we all see weekly on cable networks. As opposed to today’s Starsky & Hutch, Poltergiest, Exorcist, Gigli.

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