by Mike Masnick

Online Fans Have The Muscle To Shape The Movie

from the took-Hollywood-long-enough dept

It wasn't all that long ago that we were running stories about how Hollywood was actively shutting down "fan sites" claiming trademark infringement - showing just how badly they misunderstood how the internet could be a powerful marketing tool. It appears that's starting to change. Studios are starting to encourage fan sites, and in some cases are using feedback from online fans to help shape the movies they create. This is clearly happening with many of the recent "comics-to-film" movies that are coming out, where loyal fans of the comics are fairly outspoken in their views of what any movie should do with their favorite characters. With Hollywood's history of viewing everyone as a criminal instead of a customer, it's surprising that they've even figured out this much. Hopefully this path to enlightenment will continue, and they'll realize some of the other benefits the internet provides.

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    Anonymous Coward, 20 Jun 2003 @ 6:26pm

    Bring it on Zardoz

    Hollywood should do the Zardoz thing and make multiple versions of the same movie to cater to different audiences. (They do this behind the scenes already, but are rarely open about it). Zardoz is the only movie I know that has a naked version with Sean Connery's ding dong swinging around. Or if you like him in a skimpy red outfit and a ponytail looking like something out a gay pride parade, try here.

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    Jeremy, 24 Mar 2006 @ 10:20am


    Someone should make a decent movie out of the book Diablo: Legacy of Blood trilogy. If made by the right director. You know the game that was made out of that book which became a top seller. People still play it even though it's totally old.

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