Soccer-Themed Social-Networking Site May Score

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For some time, Yahoo has argued that while Google may be better at selling targeted search advertising, its own network of sites are better for promoting a brand. Google may now be muscling in on that space by launching, a Nike-branded social networking web site targeting soccer fans around the globe. Like MySpace, users will be able to put up a web page, share video clips, and communicate with each other. Nike will seed it with viral videos and other content that appeals to soccer fans. What makes this venture interesting is that could attract a large number of users by targeting a niche. It could also appeal to people who would otherwise have no interest in social-networking web sites, but do have an interest in this area. Even if it’s just elaborate marketing, it’s marketing that people really like. The videos that Nike has already released are incredibly popular, with fans creating their own versions and posting them to the web. While the plethora of social-networking sites may induce some fatigue in this area, combining users passions with a well-loved brand could prove a hit.

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Comments on “Soccer-Themed Social-Networking Site May Score”

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benmcnelly (user link) says:

Are you thinking what I am thinking?

I think so Brain, but it’s a miracle this one grew back….


I think this could begin a wave of social-networking apps and “partbership sites” from google. Heres a good philosophy, “Find ways to connect people with what thier interested in, and then become the best at it. Weather its entertainment, knowledge, websites, or social-networking…. then study thier habbits, email and obsessions and hit em with targeted ads that the advertising world will gladly pay out the nose for.”

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