Even When It's Not Piracy's Fault, It's Piracy's Fault

from the head-in-the-sand dept

The MPAA says that international box-office revenues fell nine percent last year, and as usual, piracy gets portrayed as the biggest villain, with camcorders singled out this time. MPAA boss Dan Glickman (who apparently really likes to sing) urged the attendees of a movie theater trade show to petition their local governments to strengthen anti-piracy measures — perhaps hoping to get them to emulate California and make it a crime to bring a camcorder into a theater — rather than really encouraging them to do things that might actually help, like changing the way they do business. Of course, the theaters themselves aren’t blameless, either, and in some ways have as bad a case of denial as the studios about why people don’t want to go to the movies any more. It’s still easier to just blame people downloading movies for the industry’s decline, rather than try to figure out why people are downloading movies instead of paying outrageous costs to watch bad films.

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Comments on “Even When It's Not Piracy's Fault, It's Piracy's Fault”

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Jake B says:


Maybe their sales are down because they don’t make movies that people will pay to see? I actually do go to the movies, and 9 times out of 10 I feel like I’ve been robbed. After shelling out 20 bucks for two tickets (me and the gf) and then 8 or 10 more for a drink and popcorn, I really dont feel I get my $30 worth out of most of the crap they churn out today.

Cheap Date says:

ways around

uhmm…ive actually gone to jack in the box and ordered a large ice tea. put the cup in my little back pack purse very carefully and went to the dollar theater.

my justification of course is that the movie theater doesnt sell tea and i dont like soda. reality is that i dont like paying $3 or $4 for something that costs about them about 25 cents.

capitalist pig says:

Re: communist prices?

Communist prices? I think you have your political philosophies mixed up. These prices are all about excessive capitalism, and they are only charged because people pay them like sheep. If the prices were communist, it would be free, but the seats would be made of concrete.

Viper Killer says:

poor attendance

Well I think you nailed it on the head when you say crappy movies for an outrageous price. It just is a crying shame to go to the movies pay a fortune and get a garbage of a flick. I think the people rating these movies are just as bad. I don’t where their heads are. If a movie is a “d” or worse I check it out ’cause anything better is a crappy movie.


Slater says:

crap movies aint worth stealin anyways.

Usually people only steal things that are worth something. Movie attendance is down because it cost me 80 dollars to take my family of five to see a crap cliched hollwood cookie cutter movie. 35 bucks just for me and the wife. There hasnt been a movie advertised lately that I want to see with the expception of “A Scanner Darkly” and thats because I am a huge Phillip K. Dick fan. Thats the only movie I plan on attending in a theatre.

I dont go because they are overpriced and not worth seeing and they will be out on DVD shortly. so why bother with a theatre? Hollwood is so far behind the tech curve its almost hilarious.


yeah, sho you right... says:

Re: crap movies aint worth stealin anyways.

crappy movies? Did anyone pay to see “Domino” in the theater? I saw it on dvd – BB Moviepass and felt cheated. HIGHLY implauseable plot, complet waste of actors talent horrible acting, etc, etc. example: “Domino” a tiny, somewhat attractive waif is a bounty hunter, who in one scene goes to a house with her 2 bounty hunter friends. They confront a group of mexican criminals all heavily armed. she convinces them to turn in a good friend by giving the leader a lapdance?????

Mik3_D says:

I love going to theaters

I dont go for “community bonding” or stupid games on the backs of chairs. I’ll go to a crappy theater for a good movie. I dont care. I’m not going to go to a nice theater for a crappy movie though. I’ll stay home and downl–RENT a good movie instead. ๐Ÿ˜›

I wonder, does anyone in hollywood know how to make decent movies anymore? Or are the money people just not letting them? Probably a little of both.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: I love going to theaters

Well, you see, if the movie doesn’t headline some ghetto rap retard, then apparently it isn’t “politically correct”. So now, every time I see an ad for any of the garbage that has rap trash actors in it, I make sure that my Congress people and Senators know that I am not happy about it. So in the period of an hour I see 12 adds for husstle and flow, so I print off 12 letters in that hour and mail them the next morning. Not to mention the e-mails and calls to have this content removed from all eyes… Sorry, but if you want ghetto, live in the South and play stupid and poor. (Albany GA can use some more ghetto trash) If you want me to treat you like a human, act like one. And stop making movies about how ‘hard’ you life is. Life is only hard because you make it hard.

T says:

Re: Re: I love going to theaters

Too bad we don’t all live in your privileged white world. Maybe Hollywood should make some pro KKK movies for ya? The truth is that life is “hard” for a lot of people, a majority of people on Earth, not by choice, but by circumstance. Many of us like to watch movies about people overcoming obstacles in their lives, getting out of the ghetto. I doubt that Congress and Senators really care what you think. Oh, isn’t it time to put your hood on and get to yer meetin you anonymous coward?

Gavin (user link) says:

Oscar Night

How many times during the Oscars this year did they have people pretty much begging for viewers to get back into the theaters? It was pretty pathetic….

Yes, people’s lives are far more complicated now than they have ever been and there are also far more entertainment choices today than ever before. This is just the results of these trends in our society.

What really gets my goat about it is that Hollywood is rolling in DVD revenues which MORE than supplements any losses they have experienced in the decline of theater box office, and yet they whine because they want to still have their cake as they eat it too.

Screw ’em.

Anonymous Coward says:

3 Words, "Home Teatre System"

They are completely ignoring the adoption of the Home Theatre system. Why would you go to the theatre and pay $30-40 for a couple, when you can rent it on DVD in 4 months and watch it on your 42″ plasma.

I googled and didnt find anything quickly but I am sure the average TV size has doubled in the last 10 years. Lets say it was 27″ in 1996 and now its 50″. IMO that competes with a theatre. What the MPAA needs to focus on is a legal alternative to downloading of movies that have been released on DVD.

Like others have also mentioned, there are few films out there that would drive me to see it in a theatre and most of the time I go “I feel robbed”.

HT Rules says:

Re: 3 Words, "Home Teatre System"

Completely agree with this. I do have 42″ LCD at home. Before buying it I told my family members that we WON’T go to theater if you want to buy this. I can’t buy a $2500 worth TV and still pay $50 bucks for a stupid movie. It will be on cable TV within few months !! It works actually better …

hockeytim11 says:

Re: Re: 3 Words,

I never go the the theaters anymore. I pretty much have my own system in my basment. Last christmas i built a LCD projector and i already have 5.1 surround sound. The projector only costs about $4oo to make if you get the parts from the right places. This system is paying for it self. With the projector I get a 9″ diagonal in 16:9, 12″ in 4:3. Why should I go to the movies with that at my disposal?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: 3 Words, "Home Teatre System"

Exactly, why would I go to a moive when I’m much more comfortable sitting on my overstuffed couch watching 42″ with 600 watts of sound. I can spend the $25 I saved renting a moive on shrimp cocktail and good beer. Then I can pause when I need to use the restroom or get a fresh beer.

Dickon Newman says:

Re: 3 Words, "Home Teatre System"

I put in a projector….so it’s even better than going to the movies…and I can pause to pee if I want to ๐Ÿ˜‰

I don’t download movies…if a movie is WORTH having…I will buy the dvd…

I have no reason to watch crap that isn’t worth seeing.

Plus I hate people, so staying away from a busy, crowded, overpriced meat lockers is far more desireable!

Dumbasses should have learned long ago “You have to use the internet before it uses you”. That quote I read about 15 years ago, and was in direct reference to the movie/hollywood industry….they didn’t learn!

Broke at the movies says:

Night at the Movies

Night at the Movies

1 wife,3 kids,and you 34.50 on check card

1 popcorn 1 lrg coke and 3 small kids packs 27.50 on check card

going back for 2 hot dogs and another drink to replace the one your kid spilled 20.00 bucks on check card

waiting a month to see the movie at home on dvd for 3.50 PRICELESS

GJK says:

Re: Night at the Movies

wait let me get this straight? watching it for $3.50 is priceless? that sentence doesnt even make sense, you put a price and then priceless beside it?

just a joke guys. ya i began hating movies and completely stopped watching them at all for almost a year and then i saw Narnia and it renewed my faith in movies because i must say i really enjoyed it. brought back lots of childhood memories when i read the book series. i definitely feel like im getting robbed most of the time though

My Name Here says:

Cams are the problem?

I really think the movie industry is missing something huge. I mean, Cams are definately not the problem. Cams are low quality, and beneath what most “pirates” are willing to watch. The fact that DVD quality versions are available online, often before the release, is what’s really killing them (as much as anything related to piracy is).

Fine. Make bringing a camcorder into the theatre a crime. Whoopideedoo. I’d guess that cams make up less than 10% of the new releases that end up online so you won’t get much of an impact there.

They should really focus on making more sappy love stories. They don’t get pirated nearly as much because, lets face it, most pirates really don’t want to watch them. Do you know how long it takes to download “Love Actually”? I sure don’t , but I’ll bet it’s a long time.


rian says:


I work at a movie theater. Being 17, and making $5.40 an hour BLOWS! I truely believe it’s the theater industry that is to blame. The employees get paid dirt and popcorn, and lack any benefits other than ….Free movies. But to be honest, even though I still get free movies, the movie-going experience still sucks. I recall when king kong first came out. I took a friend with me to see it. Not 10 minutes into the movie, I had to run upstairs and tell the projectionist how to put the right lense on the film.

Jay says:

people dont want to pay

I think it is really funny that they believe that there are enough people downloading some crappy copy of a movie you can hardly see that is bringing down the movie theaters revenu.

Lets look at how many people now days have a nice home theater and how cheap you can put one together and sit in the comfort of your own home instead of some filthy theater. You can also have dinner while watching your movie and still spend less money on take out. (release on dvd and make some money)

Also the quality of movies now days is really crappy. I find myself going to blockbuster or hollywood and walking around wondering when something good will come out worth paying to see.

its all about excuses for these people, its never hollywoods fault.

BuzzKill says:

Bad movies?

Maybe the public has reached a breaking point where the cost of going to the movies is greater than the value of going out to see them. Maybe home theaters are proving to be a better value for watching movies. Why pay $20-$40 to go to the movies with the family when you can spend the same amount or less and watch them from the comfort of your own home without the hassle of going to the theater? You then own a copy (oops, should read that as license) of the movie that you can watch over and over again.

Anonymous Coward says:

You Just Wait...

Next they’ll petition Congress for DMCA II, they’ll take your DVDs away if you claim bankruptcy, and then they’ll start adding different copy protection so you’ll have to buy a new TV every 6 months (then they’ll get Congress to pass a movie tax on the new TV as well). OMG – They already beat me to this (i.e. Digital TV, Blu-Ray/HD-DVD DMCA, HDCP, etc..)

Wow, and I started this thinking I was going to add a smiley, but instead a frown ๐Ÿ™

jomuck says:

Out-Dated Business Model

The movie industry itself is doomed to failure. Whatever happened to Quest having every movie ever made avilable on Demand from your couch? Once the movie industry realizes that they can no longer support the dismal movie theater structure and begins to offer “new” movies through cable’s on demand or via download on the web for reasonable prices, they will begin to profit. The problem is that the movie and record industries have gotten used to the over-inflated profits of a time when they had a monopoly over distribution. The internet has leveled that playing field, allowing and independent label or production company the same capabilities the major labels once had. Now they are trying to get the government to legislate their existence. When will Congress realize that any law they create stiffling technology will ultimately back-fire on them or the companies that profit?

B-Man says:

Look Inward Theater Owners...

There are too many reasons to list, and pirating isn’t even in the top 100. Reason #63: When I’m trying to be immersed in the cinematic experience there is always some group of miscreants having a party in the back row. How about the theaters get serious about ejecting these morons WITHOUT refunding their money. Until the atmosphere is conducive to an “immersive experience”, I’ll immerse myself in the quiet of my own home.

js says:

pirate this

Theare owners shouldn’t blame the camorders and the pirates despie what the MPAA says. i will never buy another pirated dvd again. when i got it home, it none of the commercials the theatre showed as part of the entertainment. for now on, i am waiting to pay for the MPAA DVD so i can be assured i at least get their commercials- even though they are not genuine theare commercials.

Benoit (user link) says:

I just dont agree with Holywood...

I dont get it. The industry just dont understand that we, the general audience viewer, have an higher expectation of what the movie experience should be. Since about ten years ago, the price keeps going up for ticket price and also all that junk they sell in front. They seriously need to re-think all of this. I would rather go somewhere where there is a smaller room, good sound system, lower price and actually some other type of food aka not junk. Actually, I would rather stay home and get the content deliver to it.
If they are seeing this, I stop going to the movie theatre because there is no movies that I want to go see on the big screen. sorry.

Brad L. (profile) says:

The path not chosen

The entertainment industry could have chosen to revamp their business model and view new technology as an opportunity for sales.

Or they could have buried their collective head in the sand and purchased laws to make felons out of their former customers while saddling current customers with a product (DRM damaged CD’s and downloads) actually worth less than the pirated versions which can be played on ANY device, not just the one licensed by the DRM scheme. They could make the FBI their personal bitches, taking agents away from real crimes. They could lobby for perpetual copyrights to protect a revenue stream from a cartoon mouse who would lapse into public domain in a couple of years. They could argue that “Fair Use” is a myth and they allow it’s existence out of the goodness of their hearts.

Hollywood – we all live with our choices. You will live with yours.

murphy says:

Re: Piracy as a cause of low sales...

take two..

only reason why sales was down, why shoul i pay $40 for a night out when i can rent the original version on dvd.

nothin out on the market is worth watching anymore, for every 10 movies out there, only 1 is an original idea, and isnt crap……

MPAA, look in the mirror baby…. isnt the “pirates” thats killing the industry.. poor quality is.

BigEddie says:

Buggy Whips

The buggy-whip industry fought the automobile really hard. They were protecting their turf and attempted all that they could to keep the horse-and-carriage as the main transportation method. You know the rest of the story. Technology always wins, pirates or not. The MPAA and the RIAA are setting themselves up to go the way of the buggy-whip makers.

Just Me says:

But they are Right!

I have a couple of friends who download camcorder/screener versions, and they don’t go to the theater after having watched the movie.

Of course, it’s not that they are satisfied enough with their watching experience. Its that, unanimously and continuously, they keep saying “oh, don’t go to that movie, I’ve seen it and it’s total crap”.

I’m pretty sure the MPAA would love to have people watching hyped crap after crap. No more.

JRBlack10 says:

Make Better Movies

Amazing that it hasn’t occured to the MPAA that maybe in general they are making crapy movies and no one wants to pay money to see crapy movies… History and statistics show that family oriented, family friendly, decent drama with a real story, movies perform better then the other trash they keep producing…


Legatus says:

Piracy Eh

I used to go see 1 or 2 movies a week. When I got married, we stil went about once a week. Then something happened. The quality went down, and the price went up. We used to be able to go to the movies together for about $15 including a drink and some popcorn or candy. Now it is more like $25 for the same thing, but the movie is rarely good. I now go to 1 or 2 movies a year. I will wait until I can watch them for nothing on cable, then if it is good, then I will buy the DVD.

My one in the last year was “End of the spear” Definate must see.

The Walking Dude says:

The reason Film sales are off

Noone should have to pay $12 to find out that a movie sucks.

Motion Pictures are repleat with rehashed ideas.

Some comic books should NEVER be perverted into film.

Embrace the technology and adapt with the times, or go the way of the Dinosaur.

And for God sakes… go no further with the idea of doing a Live Action Simpsons Film.

Need we say more?

None says:

The problem isn’t people downloading, its the movies, they need to make good movies to make people come back to the cinemas. I went to watch War Of The Worlds in cinemas and thought the film would be good, I nearly fell asleep and thought WTF thats my ยฃ9 gone down the drain. Some films you got to watch in cinema like Star Wars, which I did, the next film I wanna watch it V For Vendetta which looks good and hopefully it is good.

Also no-one say “you should read the reviews” I say “f*** off” to them, I watch the trailer of it on Apple’s websites if I like it I wait and go to the cinema.

There is also a dilema,

Do I buy it from pirates and fund the mafia etc etc or

Go to the cinema and fund ruthless Multi-Billion companies who fund god knows what to get there money…. ? lol

Dave says:

Time for a change

The excuse of piracy is almost as tired as the common rejoinder “all new movies are crap.” I think there are plenty of good movies out there, and even the drek seems to enjoy by the public for some reason. The difference today is people are consuming movies in a different way. People like owning movies.

If the industry want to grow they have diversify their selling platforms. I have about 10 multiplexes with 30 minutes but they all offer the same expierence.

Going high-class is working for some boutique theatres. We complain about movie ticket prices but going to a concert or the theatre(plays and such) is far more expensive. If we were offered a gourmet meal with full bar and were shown a first run movie in an 18 and over atmosphere. I would pay more. Or if I was offered a truely superior expierience (above IMAX) I could also be drawn in.

The other option is low cost dollar style theatres where the kids and punks can come in and people don’t expect much.

The final key is add ons. What if a movie was released same day on DVD but could only be bought in the theatre after you saw that movie? What about t-shirts and what not that enlarge concert reenues. Why are they not present at the movies?

I think for all Hollywood bitching that their diamond tip shoes are too-tight it will be the movie chains that drive a change.

Robb says:

Poorly managed theaters and rude patrons

The reason that I refuse to step foot in a theater is because of the theater itself. They’re usually filthy, employees are incredibly slow, etc. This is because of POOR management. I do not blame the kids that work there at all.

I don’t have a problem with prices, either.

The other BIG problem is the behavior of guests. Loud talking during movies, people talking on cellphones, people run up and down the aisles, people bringing babies to movies at 9 at night.

Thank God for home theaters!!

Guess what says:

Camcorders should not be blamed - blame Bush

Camcorders should not be the problem anymore: By now most people should have watched one or two movies filmed with a camcorder and know that the quality you get this way spoils part of the experience.

Note that the *international box-office revenues* fell.

There was no claim on the DVD sales nor the *national* box-office revenues.

Maybe the MPAA should blame the US goverment instead. They’ve ruined Americas’s image outside the US. No wonder that an international audience begins to lose interest in US movies.

Not required says:

10 good reasons to hate the cinema

1) Adverts that insult your intelligence and self esteem.

2) Trailers for things you have no interest in.

3) Patronising features talking down to you like you’re a 10 year old.

4) Plot lines recycled from old stories.

5) Piss poor acting by terrible Hollywood “stars”

6) Pointless violence just to demo special effects

7) Soppy, self congratulating insipid pap.

8) Political propaganda (America is so cool, all arabs are terrorists)

9) Unruly teenagers throwing popcorn, talking, shining lasers etc.

10) Uncomfortable seats, unhygenic toilets, gum on the floor etc.

g0|) l1k3 says:

Re: 10 good reasons to hate the cinema

theres more than 10

(11) ticket prices go up constintly

(12) you can fly to korea or thailand and pick up 11 leaked movies that dont suck and a hard drive full of music for less than a movie ticket plus some flier miles added on

(13) good movies are sold out and when you can get into them you have to go at a bad time and plan your day around that

(14) you might kick some one in the back of their chair or you might get kicked in your chair cause the seats are not made for wider built people.

(15) expensive candys and drinks even though thats how the cinema makes its profit

(16) us teens will be in the back being silent for the movie and you hear the screaming babies

i’m not a fat person my self i’m a skinny teen fat people start hating

Everygamer says:

Hmmm .. just maybe

The way I look at it, movie theaters are getting hit in a few areas. (1) DVD, big cheep TV’s and good audio systems make it easier for people to just wait for it to come out on DVD rather than going to the theater. (2) Services like Netflix make it so easy to get movies, and to keep track of movies combined with how quickly movies are released to DVD once it is out of the theater. I used to see every major block buster in the theaters between April and November. Now I just wait for them to hit Netflix 6 months later. (3) The cost for a movie ticket tends to rise about $1 ever year, and $10 to see a movie is just not reasonable anymore. (4) The very last thing on this list is piracy, the number of people who actually know how to download a movie, waste the time waiting for it, and then watch it in a degraded quality that it usually is after being ripped are very minor. On top of this, they tend to watch movies they wouldnt pay to see in the first place, so they are not loosing anything since they wouldnt have made anything in the first place.

In the end, piracy is an excuse for an industry who doesnt want to change to fit into the information age. George Lucas has been quoted saying two things about piracy. (1) If movies were available to download for $2-$3 to watch at home, they would make more money, and most piracy would disappear. People pirate when it becomes to expensive to buy. (2) Movie studios don’t make money by putting movies in theaters, they make it on DVD and merchandise sales, that movie theater releases are just advertising. This is coming from the richest man in Hollywood, so he must know something he’s talking about.

some guy says:

This is my story

King Kong – went to the theather to watch it, loved it, then downloaded it to save a copy while waiting for the dvd.I>

Napoleon Dinamite – looked crappy, so i downloaded it, loved it, then went to watch the movie at the local theather.

Aeon Flux – Looked really nice, downloaded it (because it wasn’t at the theaters yet), and the movie sucked. glad i didnt spent that money.

Ultraviolet – Learned my lesson, didnt go to the theater, neither downloaded it.

Conclusion, its not piracys fault, its just that

1) Movies are getting crappier every year

2) Americans are getting fatter, and can’t or dont want to go to the theater

3)Fat americans are fat that there are no fat actors nowadays. And that all the slim ppl dont have any idea how to act.

(im fat myself, so you fat ppl dont hate me)

who? says:

beer theaters

I agree w/ pretty much everyone here, the general theater experience completely blows these days. I’m lucky enough that where I live (Portland, OR) there are several theaters that show movies directly after they leave 1st run theaters, prices are good (~$3.00), they serve good microbrew beer, and they server good pizza and in some cases are attached to a restaurant so you can order a burger or plate of pasta and bring it into the movie w/ you. If it weren’t for these theaters I would shell out for a movie maybe once or twice a year.

oh, and thinking that camcorders are responsible for any measurable amount of lost revenue is a complete joke.

Anonymous Coward says:

Frankly, the rudeness of my fellow movieviewers has soured me. As soon as the rude, inner-city element finds the new theater, it’s time to leave.

Instead I went out and spent $1000 on a home movie projector and buy my DVD’s at a discount from Target or Wallmart and watch them while drinking fine wine and eating my favorite foods.

I will NEVER go back the the theater.

GraphicArtist2k5 (user link) says:

WTF Is The MPAA On About Now?

Jeez, when the blue freakin’ hell is the mpaa gonna figure out that if they want for people to see their movies, then they need to make better movies? I’m all for going out to the local theater with my wife to see a good movie, which we’ve done alot so far, but we don’t go see any old movie that comes out, nor do we pay the outrageous prices. I personally don’t see why the MPAA really has a problem with people downloading movies instead of going to their local theaters where they would end up spending 20-25 bucks a pop just to see some lame ass movie that they could have downloaded and watched first to see if they even wanted to go to their local theater to pay their hardearned money to watch in the first damn place. Get a clue, MPAA.

silly rabbit says:

But what you all don't understand is...

That you SHOULD be paying 17.50 a head for new release, big screen theatrical productions. I mean seriously, it’ an art, created by artists! And it takes serious money to make something as thought provoking and intensely important to our life and times as the dukes of hazzard. All 17 assistant producers have families at home too you know. Now if they would just remake Bewitched, the pink panther, and knight rider……

Another guy says:

It's also a factor of your time!

In addition to paying $10 for a ticket and $10 for food and drinks, there are implied costs for just watching the movie — i.e., your time. if Your net worth is say, around $20 per hour, then you lose a total of $60-$80 per person just for watching stupid movies!

And then there are other recreational things that are competing with your precious time these days than, say, back in the 80/90’s. Back then the only things you can do were just watching TV. Now there’s a whole slew of activities you can do besides watching Cinema: Video games, computer games, having a night out with friends,online chat, shopping, religious activities, clubs, playing sports, etc. Watching movies become just one out of a long list of choices that you can do otherwise.

And then there’s the direct competition from TV: there’s now cable, on-demand, Tivo and and other DVRs. Those tools creates a kind of flexibility that allow users to make better use (and better quality) for your TV time MUCH more than the 80s/90s.

And *THEN*, there are obligatory activities that prevents you from doing *ANY* recreational activities! House chores (pet grooming, laundry, house cleaning, etc), family obligations (wedding, funerals, bdays, family dinners) , Home DIY projects. These are things you “must” do because you’ll feel guilty if you don’t do them!

And *FINALLY*… Today americans are spending more time at work, extending work hours from the typical 8 hours day to 10-12 hour days. If you have a 7 hour sleep schedule, spend 2 hours on meals, and 2 hours commuting to/from work, now you are left with just 1-3 hours per day on recreational activities on a weekday. On the weekend, however, that’s a totally different matter, but now you have to factor in huge TRAFFIC delays cuz everyone in the whole freaking world are going to the same place as *you* are at the same time!

Stacking all these factors together. You really don’t have a lot of time for movies! And when you finally *do* have the time to watch a movie, you better watch a super-ass-kicking-mind-blowing-awesome movie or else it would be a total waste of your time!


Harry says:


Lets see, I want to spend around $10.00 to go to the movie where I met get treated like a criminal at the door if they think they need to scan me to see if I am bringing anything in…not going to happen… then I want to go to the food bar and for every one in my party spend $2.50 to $5.00 on a 50 cent box of pot corn and up $3.50 for 75 cents worth of pop so I can go inside and waste an entire afternoon watching a low grade picture that in many cases have somesort of political slant built into them with terible acting etc etc etc. I DONT THINK SO !!!!! get the picture MPAA, I doubt it!

Leah says:

Camcorders in the movies

Just what do you think a person with a camcorder in the theater is going to do with the camcorder? Of course he or she is there to pirate the movie! But, have you seen any pirated movies that have been recorded with a camcorder? Mostly they are pure garbage. I have bought numerous copies on Canal Street in New York. Yes, I knew they would be poor quality. But I didn’t want to have to wait for the movie to come out on DVD to see it again. The camcorder copies are very funny. You can hear the audience laughing, people get up and block the view, the picture is tilted, and the quality is horrible. But for $5 or $6 you get a reminder of what you recently watched in the theater that is so bad, usually, that you look forward to buying the DVD as soon as it hits the stores.

Simply Red says:

The Jews own Hollywood, and decide US foreign poli

The Jewish parasites (boo…hiss… he said something bad about Jews) who run Hollyweird, are producing crap films. The last time I went to a movie, it was Kill Bill 2 – not my choice – a ‘friend’ (ex-friend now) convinced me to go. It was complete and utter bullshit from start to finish. And of course, the volume was TOO LOUD, as in all cinemas, so I was practically deafened. And of course, many charming dickheads spoke all through it, or called up their friends on their cellphones to tell them they were “in the cinema” (thanks, Dickhead – we all already knew that), or rustled their food bags as loud as possible.

In short, modern films are utter shite, the ‘actors’ in them are all incapable of actually acting (name me a film in which Robert de Niro didn’t play an angry ex-Vietnam vet, or a film in which Al Pacino didn’t play an asshole gangster (Scent of a woman, anybody?), the public are getting fed up of blowing money on rubbish, and would rather stay at home and watch an OLD film on DVD. No noise. No cellphones. No dickheads sitting behind you. No rustling popcorn. No DEAFENING volume. No stupid, cliched plots. No shit ‘actors’. (Matt Damon!)

HDTV is another huge con job. Are the films going to be any better just because they’ve wasted all that BluRay or HD-DVD storage space? NO. HDTV only exists because we can’t possibly have people storing 20 hours of video on one piece of media, can we? And we can’t have them storing 6,000 songs on it in MP3, can we!!! Keep buying those one hour, ten tracks CDs for $10 a pop, right?

Screw the media. Don’t buy their rubbish. Make them go broke. If only the idiots that form the majority of this country would just STAY HOME for a few months. Are your lives so fucking hollow that you can’t find something better to do than watch some shit Jew-hollywood propaganda piece, like Broke Crack Mounting?

Simply Red says:

Adverts too!

I forgot to mention the bloody adverts! You mean – we have to PAY to watch your trash films, AND also sit and watch half an hour of adverts? How about you show the shit adverts and show the film for FREE?

How about you start hiring some decent ACTORS who haven’t got their part by being fucked up the ass by some dirty old Jewish casting director? How about not paying them millions of dollars, when they’re obviously not worth it? Morgan Freeman, anyone? His next part is as Token’s father in the new South Park movie…

Ashley (user link) says:

stop piracy dont rip us off to go to the movies

The price of the movies has gone up so much in the last few years, u’d need a good ยฃ25 for tickets for two people and refreshments. How can you say piracy is the number one cause of the fall in people going to see films when they charge ยฃ6.90 a film. I think they need to think about it a little harder….fools

Mannix says:

Why I havn't gone to a movie in 2 years.

I just don’t think going to a movie and paying to sit down in a dirty theater with my feet stuck to the floor from all the spilled pop is worth the $8 or even my time for that matter. I’d rather down.. er… RENT a DVD and watch it at home on a high def television and surround sound system(or atleast my nice 21″ lcd and a pair of good headphones), even better I can stop in the middle and pick it up whenever I damn well please, instead of having to show up on time to see the movie. As for the social aspect, I can just invite over a few friends. What’s even worse is the amount they charge for popcorn and pop, hell for the amount they charge for admission, a medium pop and a medium popcorn, and that’s just for me, I could pay for enough pop and popcorn for me and 10 friends watching the same movie on my nice 52″ plasma and surround sound system. Did I mention your feet won’t get stuck to my living room floor?

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