China Once Again Promises To Crack Down On Spam

from the like-that'll-do-any-good dept

For all the effort that China has put into their “Great Firewall” system designed to lock down the local internet, the country is notoriously bad at stopping spammers. For years its been known that China is a haven for spam servers and recent crackdowns in the US have just made it so US-based spammers have moved operations to China. So, it seemed interesting to find out that China is looking to put in place an anti-spam law that sounds fairly similar to the one in the US, which hasn’t been particularly effective. Of course, we say it “seemed interesting” because it was interesting until we realized that China has been saying this every year for a while now. In 2003, 2004 and 2005, we had stories about China’s efforts to put in place laws and filters to stop spam, and here we are in 2006 discussing what sounds like a similar plan to what they discussed almost exactly a year ago. Perhaps it’s time to see less talk and more spam stopping.

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Comments on “China Once Again Promises To Crack Down On Spam”

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anonymous says:

Re: Re:

the internets not ILLEGAL, but using it is! this is because everyone knows that the leading cause of death among chinese teens is porn jumping out of the screen and eating them. if the chinese government blocks email, and other non-vital things such as UDP or TCP/IP, we cant lose all those wonderfull communist children!

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