CIA Agents Not Feeling So Lucky: Internet Reveals Cover Stories

from the whoops dept

In the information age, it appears, coming up with a decent cover story while being a CIA agent is increasingly difficult. In fact, some enterprising reporters used some free and fee-based internet services to uncover all sorts of information about CIA agents and CIA-owned locations. The article is a bit vague in how they worked all this out — but you have to imagine that’s on purpose. However, the basic conclusion is that the CIA needs to recognize that doing a bit of sleuthing online gives a lot of people a lot more to work with than they had in the past — and cover stories can be much more easily checked out. The fact that they’re just now realizing this is a bit worrisome.

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Comments on “CIA Agents Not Feeling So Lucky: Internet Reveals Cover Stories”

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Andrew Strasser (user link) says:

T'would make the most sense Wolfger.

I mean seriously he may have ood ratings, but with the satellite technology at our disposal in this day and age and the massive computer networks that can be used to focus these things and search for heat sgnatures that match certain heat signatures. Nah only people who are highly skilled professionals that never let any info out as they aren’t allowed to even work in the U.S. if they work for the C.I.A. How does the info ever get back here then? The C.I.A. has it’s purpose. and anyone can be turned over.

The question would be what did they do that caused someone to feel malicious enough to let that happen. If you’re in the C. I. A. you have a security clearance. You have access to intel that others do not. The media would attack for that purpose and that purpose only. If they felt something was being covered up. Which with this administration be sure to know that they know there are cover-ups.

Especially the media who went an entire year not mentioning the fact the person who is supposed to uphold our constitution decided to throw the fourth ammendment out the window without asking the people first who he has to ask. The media is worldwide. You cannot expect them to leave the United States alone if the rest of the world is placed under scrutiny.

The other side to that is what does our Govt. do in this aspect as a cover-up and have you ever even thought of which dept. is in charge of this affair. If so why would they be covering things up that should be open knowledge and working on covering the things up that should not be public knowledge instead.

Science Box
Epilepsy Foundation

David (user link) says:

Online Stalking

The fact is, you can take a cover story, a name, an email, etc. and look it up online. You can take a person’s name and birthday and pull everything about them from some American based websites for $39. I won’t publish the URL because I think it is a terrible statement about how bad the U.S. government is doing these days. Andrew’s post is just incorrect (and hard to understand) where he says any blown cover is because an insider wanted it to be blown. If you think the CIA has an airtight methodology for creating covers in the modern computer age, you’ve been watching too many movies. Government beaurocracies always lag behind technology because of the red tape it takes to implement changes. But the problem in America is the ruling party (Republicans) are slimebags and usually don’t give a damn about privacy, or spam, or anything else important unless they are filling their wallets with a poor person’s food money or a third world countries babyfood money. And I’m an American saying that.

Jim Quinn says:

Re: Online Stalking

OK, so the Dems know nothing about the baby food stealing,or spam or anything else,what about the Serbs and Bosnians and Dafur and somalia the Dems got us in just as much Sh^t as the rep.s dont try to justify the inept leaders in Washington by laying it on one party,all three of them are full of sh*t

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