Intel Says Wi-Max Cards Available This Year

Intel has said that it expects to “move up” from 2007 to 2006 the roll-out of WiMAX client cards such as PCMCIA and mini-PCMCIA. These cards would enable a subscriber to connect to a WiMAX network, should one of these also be deployed by then. The release didn’t say whether these cards would be the current fixed standard of WiMAX, or the mobile standard which has yet to establish interoperability testing specs. Sean Maloney of Intel has said that while originally expected by 2007, things are going so well the cards will be out in 2006. That comment triggered our memory, so a quick search found this contradicting August 2004 article, in which Sean Maloney said that consumers would have access to WiMAX in 2005. Maloney added that it should be in laptops by 2006 and phones by 2007. This should have been a positive story about WiMAX, but Intel has annoyed us again by misrepresenting the move from 2007 to 2006 as an accelerated pace, instead of the reality that in this case, as in most, things take longer than expected.

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