Using FOIA To Find Out How Much Gov't Is Spending On Ads Promoting FOIA

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It would appear that the UK government is trying to promote its website for those filing Freedom of Information Act requests using paid search. Any time people search on “freedom of information act” or “freedom of information” an ad may appear. That, apparently, caught the imagination of someone who wondered just how much the government was paying for those ads and, conveniently, filed a freedom of information request to find out. Apparently, about 4,000 people have clicked through since the ads began last July, costing the government a few hundred pounds. There’s no word on whether or not one of those clicks was from the person filing this FOIA request — but you would assume that would be the case.

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Comments on “Using FOIA To Find Out How Much Gov't Is Spending On Ads Promoting FOIA”

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dan mayer (user link) says:

Pretty funny

That is a pretty funny use of the FOI act. I am also really suprised that it was only about 4,000. I guess it is a pretty specific search term, but you think they would have had to spend more than that. Over all thought i think it shows that it was a good use of money to help promote it. A few hundred pounds is pretty much nothing, and it was probably targeted at those users that truly cared about it.

Very cool and really funny.

(No award for first post, just kinda lamers really like to do it for some reason)

Rhetoric says:


CSM-Bobcat, you posted second… mentioning that the first poster didn’t contribute anything to the topic. Did you bother to read your own comment? Did YOU contribute to the topic? Silly.
Quite interesting that the gov’t would spend money on freedom of information. Just exactly where did they advertise?

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