How Many Websites Do You Visit?

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As people are settling in to their internet usage, it appears that many have a pretty small set list of sites they visit each day, and that’s it. A study in the UK found that 51% of surfers visit six or fewer websites on a regular basis. This shouldn’t be surprising. After all, we’re talking about “on a regular basis” — and just how many sites do you need on a regular basis? This is especially true if some of those sites are aggregator or portal sites that pull together services and content from a variety of other sources. This is, if anything, good news. People have found the core sites online that are useful to them, and that’s what they usually visit.

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Comments on “How Many Websites Do You Visit?”

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bob says:

way more than 6

I have a rotation of 10 news sites, 13 humor sites, 1 BBS, and Yahoo Mail that I visit daily. As well as some weekly sites and some every-other-day sites.

Of the news sites, most are headline aggregators like techdirt, Metafilter, Fark, etc. So, I end up visiting far more than even my base number of sites.

As it is, between all of those, I can usually cover all of my sites between the time during Breakfast and Lunch.

Michael says:

No Subject Given

An interesting topic…

I visit hundreds of sites every day, as I spend the great majority of my free time online. But thinking only in terms of sites I visit very regularly, it’s only a few news sites, several blogs, and

That’s pretty interesting, really. I’m constantly studying and researching anything and everything I can, and I end up wandering all over the web daily. However, even though I’m spending my whole day online, my “local Internet” is only a handful of sites.

I qualify as “power surfer” based on time-spent and familiarity, but all I have is some RSS feeds and Google. Not even one bookmark.

Go figure…

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

It’s interesting. I think what the article says is true because sites nowadays are far more expansive, dynamic, and satisfactory to the user than in the past. Who needs to go to several sites when one site has everything you need? Between imdb and wikipedia, I’m surprised the average person would need to research anything anywhere else.

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