Hacking And Malice No Substitutes For Stupidity When It Comes To Data Leaks

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In all our coverage of corporate data leaks and the fallout from them, there are two noticeable trends. First, the disinterest on the part of companies and government to actually do anything to stop the problem, and second, that stupidity is often as much to blame for the leaks as any malicious action. This story falls into the second trend: the provincial government in British Columbia has managed to auction off a set of data tapes containing people’s social insurance numbers, dates of birth and medical records among other information. As noted in the article, most companies would destroy these types of backup tapes — or at least one would hope they would — rather than resell them, even if they had been erased. While people focus on the malicious aspects of data leaks, perhaps trying to limit the effects of personal stupidity might be a better use of resources — though certainly a much harder task.

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Comments on “Hacking And Malice No Substitutes For Stupidity When It Comes To Data Leaks”

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Guru says:

Backup Tapes

My manager gave me about 30 old backup tapes from our accounting server with data on it. This is a well known company thatI am talking about but I will not say. The Chief of IT even allowed me to have the old server complete with hard drives (altho frozen HD’s) there was no agree to erase the tapes or anything, they were just old and free for all the tecs to take home and use them.

I think this is how it was in many companies untill this kind of stuff made it to the media.

How much would they go for on ebay?? –just kidding .. hehe

elaine (user link) says:

No excuses

If someone stole your ID, your natural reaction is to be angry because it is your identity that they are stealing and excuses would pretty much be coined as unacceptable. In this case, the scale just got bigger and the damage also got bigger. Firms should know how to dispose of these things responsibly and not leave it behind to someone whose resort is tuned in to ebay.

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