Don't Be Hurt, Internet, Some People Just Don't Care About You

from the let-them-eat-802.11b dept

Belive it or not, some people just aren’t interested in the internet. In recent years, the growth rate for internet adoption has slowed dramatically, while those saying the internet doesn’t interest them outnumber those who can’t afford to get online. All the recent handwringing about the US falling behind the world in broadband penetration seems misguided. Instead of worrying about the numbers of people online, the focus should be on a more productive internet. The Koreans may have ubiquitous broadband, but they also have <a href=″>deadly 50-hour gaming jags. What matters is whether individuals use their time productively and pleasurably, not whether that time is spent online. More shocking, perhaps, is that there are people who have dial-up that aren’t interested in switching to broadband. This means that they’ve experienced what the internet has to offer but aren’t obsessed with consuming it at hyperspeed, shaving precious seconds in page load time, and watching the latest viral video on YouTube at the highest resolution. To some, this may be surprising, but it hardly constitutes falling behind or a matter of national concern.

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Comments on “Don't Be Hurt, Internet, Some People Just Don't Care About You”

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dani says:

its a way of life

There should be no concern over the statistics of new usage and increases in time spent online. Our nation has obviously “settled in” with the internet. It is accepted as a way of life by 75% of our population.

Only 25% of the nation is offline. What portion of these 25% belong to a pre-internet generation? Children are online by kindergarten today. Usage is not dropping, its simply plateaued.

How many people still use a regular tv antenna instead of having some sort of subscribtion programming? 10 years ago there were new people hooking up to cable all the time, now everyone has it, its simply a matter of which provider they choose.

“More shocking, perhaps, is that there are people who have dial-up that aren’t interested in switching to broadband.”

This is shocking. Do people “fear” broadband, are they that satisfied with their dial-up connection? I couldn’t go back to a dialup connection myself.

? says:

Re: Re: its a way of life

I use cable modem myself, but prefer to watch TV via NetFlix. I only have the basic channels because I have to have that minimum since my provider doesn’t give me naked cable.

While I spend tons of time online for professional reasons, I realize that there are a lot of people who don’t. And if they don’t want the luxury of “broadband” then why should they pay for it?

Those who just want do some basic surfing and emailing don’t need broadband.

With all this talk about telco’s charging for content that they have nothing to do with, maybe they would do better by providing 56k access via cable and DSL for $10.00/mo or less. Or even pull a NetZero approach and provide access for free for ads and a max of 10hrs a month.

Dosquatch says:

Re: its a way of life

Do people “fear” broadband, are they that satisfied with their dial-up connection?

I live in “dark territory” and can’t convince the *&^$# ISPs to offer broadband, cable or DSL. Oh, sure, I could go satellite – at 3x the cost for 1/6 the service. Yeah, I’m all about that idea.

And the most infuriating part? Cable service is as close as 1.21mi from my house. Has been for 8 years. COMCAST WON’T PULL A WIRE. They said they could if I paid for it, and then refused when I tried to take them up on it.

Which one of these pinkos do I have to off to get service?

Brandon Zylstra says:

Re: its a way of life

Everyone has it? I don’t have cable and I don’t want it. Nothing but stupidity. If anything good appears on TV, it will eventually be available through NetFlix, and I’ll be able to watch it when I want, and for only $20/month instead of Comcast’s $50/month or whatever (which is for a limited selection).

Cable is stupid and a waste of money.

Tin Ear (user link) says:

Sadly Enough

I know people who don’t have an option when it comes to internet connectivity. The Portland Metro area and surrounding towns/cities have cable and I enjoy a broadband connection, but I have a few friends and co-workers who live “just out of town” and the cable company doesn’t serve them. They want something better, for the most part, but there isn’t anything that they can do for faster service.
On the other hand, I also know a couple of people who claim to have never gone online even though there is a computer in their home. They claim that it was purchased for the children’s homework…

Anonymous of Course says:

Re: Sadly Enough

I live 12 miles out of a sleepy little town and
have no choice. My dial-up is over a thirty year
old FDM line and a 26,6 connection is considered good.

Verizon installed fiber at the curb five years ago. But have not upgraded the central office. They have no plans to do so that they’re aware of.

I guess they had to do something to justify that big injection of tax dollars the telco’s received for improved connectivity.

I miss the bandwidth I enjoyed in the 80’s but
not the commute. I own a TV but it’s not plugged

Slater says:

Don't Be Hurt, Internet, Some People Just Don't Ca

Lets face it. The novelty of the internet has worn off and its now down to business for most people. I get on, check some boards I post on, Maybe browse ebay for a thingamajig I need, Check my E-mail, download drivers, etc. I do play a few hours of MMORPG gaming every week but thats the extent of my internet surfing. I just dont feel the need to be connected 24/7.

Time to unplug, man.


spam says:

No Subject Given

I used to look at a LOT more websites than I do now. Why? Well, the internet has become filled with worthless trash. I used to find plenty of good tech sites/etc to read but ever since the “blog revolution” and everyone started throwing blogs everywhere, it’s become a lot less interesting.

Talk is cheap. Opinion is cheap. Oh, and let us not forget the bloodsucking lawyers. Lawyers, copyright crap, and invasive advertising have turned me off on most anything ‘internet.’

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