Yes, Making People Think They Might Get Laid Is Still Big Business

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As standard online dating services see their growth slowing, dating sites that seek to cut out the dating and go straight to the sex are enjoying booming business. But the sites sound more like smoke and mirrors rather than the sexual playground many users envision. Women are outnumbered as much as 11-to-1, and many of the same pitfalls await users as on less sexually-oriented sites: people lying about themselves, using photos that aren’t their own and so on. Still, one site has seen its traffic increase 67% over the last year, while, the most popular traditional dating site, has had flat traffic. The “alluring con”, as one user calls it, appears to be working — but it really isn’t too surprising that people are still paying money when they think they might get some action.

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Comments on “Yes, Making People Think They Might Get Laid Is Still Big Business”

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Rikko says:

Re: Re: Re: Prostitution?

Because it’s remarkably similar. These people aren’t looking for relationships, they are looking for a hook up with someone that they are attracted to. How is that different from an attractive hooker?

Because you’re not paying for it.. Kind of the difference between buying a trophy and winning it, I would think.
I have a couple of buddies who have “enjoyed” adultfriendfinder.. I think they’d all recoil at the idea of hiring a prostitute.

To me the web hookup sites are akin to going to a bar and picking up drunks, not getting hookers.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re:2 Prostitution?

But people ARE paying for it. At least that’s the point of the article. If you want to do much of anything on websites like adultfriendfinder, you usually have to pay a subscription. How is paying money to a website to get laid much different than paying a girl directly to get laid?

Siggy Oh says:

Re: Prostitution?

I agree. The local “do gooders” have shut down the Saunas, most of the strip joints that provided lap dances (better than nothing). Now the strip joints are out in rural areas 100 miles out of the big towns in the “boonies”. Cops patrol looking for DWI and other “misfits”. No close motels to stay over if you don’t feel up to drive home the same night. Don’t sleep in the car, they might arrest you for suspected DWI or some drumed up charge.

Don Gray says:

Auction Site

Why not just start an auction, escrow, escort site and get it over with?

Turn everyone into a prostitute. Isn’t the web all about empowerment of the little guy (or gal)?

Why should skanky crack hoes have all the fun, all those desperate housewives could make some cash with their free time.

Wait, don’t tell anyone until I get my patent filed…

dancestoblue says:

The more traditional sites have a rock solid marke

These sites are for those who aren’t interested in hooking up with someone over the long term. It’s a different market. Going right to sex always will draw bucks fast; internet porn was the first money maker on the net. I think it’s fine, let people do what they want, and if you want to profit off of foolishnesses the money surely is there.

Quite frankly, if you can’t get laid using Craiglist – free – or sleazing on down to the local tap with a clean shirt on you might as well bag it anyways, give it up, get you a hobby maybe, collect stamps, whatever, maybe if you’re a broad you can collect porcelin poodles or plates, or porcelin plates with poodles on them, poodle-themed porcelin plates.

Probably you can get these on eBay.

Though the more traditional sites are static they have a rock solid market and always will – they’re not going out of business anytime soon. There are people who want to find stability and decency and I wish every damn one of them good luck, hope you find you a sweetie.

Gomez Munoz says:

Re: The more traditional sites have a rock solid m

I have been “Celebate” for 5 years now and I am getting tired of it. Yes I live in Nevada but do not feel like paying a thousand just to get laid in a brothel. I don’t want to use one of the more standard “Dating” sites because I don’t want a relationship. I am fine being alone and single…I just want to occasionally have some tactile stimulation done by someone else besides myself for a change. I am divorced and have been in numerous dysfunctional relationships and have no desire to get in any more relationships…so why not try the “sex” sites. Unfortunately, I am not a “Brad Pitt” kind of guy…more like a “Charlie Daniels” looking guy so my chances are probably slim to none…

As for the street walkers…well I have seen some of them and I wouldn’t have sex with them using someone else’s sex organ… Ugh…pardon me while I shudder…

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

The real ratio is 2 “fuckable” chicks to every 1 cool guy. When I was single and used a couple of online sites just for the hell of it, I was always getting dates and closed a very high percentage of them. These chicks were not a bunch of “10’s”, but good solid 6’s and 7’s. Fuck and chuck material, but easy to close.

Most of the guys on online sites are complete social retards. These guys couldn’t get a blowjob from a crackwhore if they were covered in $100 bills. That’s the way it will always be. 80% of the male members will get zip, the other 20% will be cherry picking the best females and leaving the fatties for these social inept morons.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Fat chicks

Difference is, fat chicks can still find a drunk guy at 2am for sex. Nobody (drunk or sober) fucks fat guys…

You’d be amazed at the variety of things that turn people on… There are a lot of people (male and female) who only go after people with their preferred physical traits; but physical beauty tends to be less important to women (stereotypically), and some find larger guys/girls actively *attractive*.

Which, unfortunately for you, shows your unfortunate ignorance on the subject. (If you’re insulted, look up “ignorance” in a dictionary – there’s nothing wrong with it, especially if you are sparked to pay more attention and learn)…

Another example – Many guys fit a particular stereotype and prefer women with large breasts. However, there is a signifiant number of guys (of whom I am one) that subscribe to the theory that ‘anything more than a handful is a waste’. We cringe when women get their breasts implanted…

All this to say that your statement is, as I said, rather ignorant. Those who are trying to get laid and aren’t should clean up, be themselves, and maybe find a different place to interact with people who want to meet *real* people.

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