UK Politician Caught Emailing With Himself

from the only-a-test dept

Last month we noted how difficult it was for UK MPs to get access to WiFi. Now we may know one of the reasons those MPs were so desperate to get internet access: so they could email themselves. At least, that’s the case with Iain Liddell-Grainger who was caught sending himself fake emails in order to increase his “responsiveness” rating from some political watch group. The group has a website where they encourage you to email your MP, and then they track how responsive the MPs are. When the first results came out, this particular MP didn’t do so well, so apparently he decided to be a bit more… proactive. Of course, now that he’s been caught, he’s got the perfect excuse. He wasn’t just trying to boost his scores, he was taking part in an “experiment” to show that the system was “bunk” and “statistically inaccurate”. He may be right, but it does sort of come across as being caught with your hand in the cookie jar and claiming you were just testing the security of the lid.

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Comments on “UK Politician Caught Emailing With Himself”

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dani says:

No Subject Given

So the guys been a member of this thing 4-5 years, he hardly ever gets mail through the program, so he stops checking it. We’re all busy people, its normal to let small things slide.

Then he sees that he has a bad rating on this site because he forgot to read the 5 or 6 emails he got in the last 6 months.

No one wants their name to look bad. “Lets send ourselves an email and answer it to see if we can raise that rating.”

The first one raised it 10%. “Only need a few more to look good again. Then I have to remember not to sign up for this thing again.”

Who blames him?

student (profile) says:

This reminds one of "RateYourProfessor"

There are professors at US colleges who do the same thing on They register as students, then erase any unregistered student opinions that make them look bad. Their pay is attached to student opinion, so if they can present to their supe that they have good reviews at RateYourProfessors, its actually worth money to them.

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