One Newspaper Actually Tells Parents To Chill Out Over MySpace

from the but-does-that-sell-papers? dept

While we’ve been pointing out all the scare stories being written up in the media about MySpace, it would appear that at least one newspaper isn’t playing along. Petrea Mitchell writes in to let us know that the Oregonian actually had a much more balanced article about kids online (which was apparently a cover story, above the fold in the paper edition), which basically says what many of us have been saying all along: the internet and these services aren’t the problem. Parents need to relax, but also to prepare their kids for basic online life. As MIT Prof Henry Jenkins (whose reasonable views on these things we’ve discussed before) notes: “Being a good parent is being aware of what kids are doing online, engaging in their activities, understanding the value of those activities, and helping them acquire skills that will allow safer participation in those activities.” With so much fear mongering going on, it’s nice to see a more reasonable article get published.

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Comments on “One Newspaper Actually Tells Parents To Chill Out Over MySpace”

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dataguy says:

Re: Re: Myspace sux

I like being able to read the comments, on Techdirt, hoping to gain some insight from hearing other opinions. That doesn’t always happen but it’s a generally useful activity. However, lately the amount of “noise” (over-reactions like urajackass’) in the “signal” seems of have increased noticeably.

I don’t have any suggestions for a solution, other than to highlight the obvious. As the site gets more popular, the problem is likely to get worse. It’s gotten to the point that I scan the comments at Digg less and less. It would be nice if there were some way to nip this in the bud here at Techdirt. (hopefully without getting as complex as the modding at Slashdot)

For all the hotheads that may be reading this – no one cares if a post pisses you off. Either add to the discussion or move on to the next post.

anon says:


i guess it finally boils down to this, People will bitch and complain about anything that makes them not have to be the parents their parents were. in other words quit bitching about how Myspace sux and start gettin off the internet and throw a damn baseball around…better yet go for a walk with your kids as they see ur insight it will teach them without knowing they are being taught!

Anonymous Coward says:

Arguing how crappy Myspace is...

I tried to make my argument to another web developer (yes, he’s more skilled than I am (hes been at it longer, I’m just starting out)) as to why Myspace is horrible – one of his arguments was “If it sucks so bad, why was it just bought out by one of the largest news corporations in the states?” though I didnt get around to telling him this part of it but: after reading so many comments on Techdirt and Slashdot about how much it sucks, and that the only reason it got bought out is because it’s so popular with teenagers, who its targeted at.


However, I did mention and try to argue that as many requests for help getting javascripts to work on Myspace on the web-design/dev coding forum I frequent (, which was ignored

also, I mentioned that virtually every page you find on it looks like total shit, its as if nobody ever heard of using tables for layout with relative 100% width attributes – he tried showing me a few pages that did look nice, but thats only about 10 out of a thousand, and most of em are for rock bands that 1) realize Myspace is popular with teenagers that browse nothing but myspace, and 2) are so cheap as to go for a free host like myspace – and yet again these arguements were ignored…

annonymouse says:

myspace has become a nice tool for law enforcement, it has become one of the largest databases of ppl, they’ve caught several ppl who were not misusing myspace but were burglars or something else but had a myspace account and the police were able to enter the info about the person into myspace and they found the person and caught him. but overall everyone is making too big of a deal about myspace, both the ppl who dont like it and say it is dangerous. and the ppl who r addicted to myspace.

Rachaels sexy says:


im a 15 year old kid and i like using myspace…it gives kids and teens a chance to excaspe the SHIT u parents kepp puttin on us..yea aim is the same way…pediphiles and shit like that..i dont seee u bitchin about AIM so parents…get the poles out of your asses and shut up…your sayin how much it sucks??!! make an account…i highly doubt ur opinion will stay. its a great way to keep in touch with far away people, ith out running up your fone bill…so messege to all SHUT THE FUCK UP!! MYSPACE IS THE SHITT!!

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