Unwavering Focus On Doing What To Customers?

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Broadband Reports has a bit of fun at Qwest’s expense for the companies claim that its “unwavering focus on the customer” has positioned the company for growth. The post lists out a number of things Qwest has done that seem particularly customer unfriendly — mostly things designed to give customers fewer choices so that they’re stuck as customers, rather than happy customers who choose to stay with Qwest because it’s the better option. Of course, they don’t even mention Qwest’s highly publicized terms of service that seemed anything but customer friendly. Obviously, the quote is just something that executives always say — so shouldn’t be taken too seriously. We’re still waiting to see a company say that its focused on getting monopoly power of its market so it can charge monopoly rents, screwing over the customers, but rewarding shareholders. That would be a bit of refreshing executive honesty.

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