Dating The Friendly Skies

from the mile-high-club dept

It must be Valentine’s Day looming around the corner, but everyone seems to be getting into the dating game. Last week it was Tivo, matchmaking like-minded viewers through its understanding of their viewing habits — now, a new dating service arranges dates for singles travelling on flights around the country, planting lonely travellers into adjoining seats in the hope that love blossoms mid-air. If this service proves successful, everything could eventually turn into an internet-aided dating adventure. Soon to come:,,, and

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Comments on “Dating The Friendly Skies”

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ehrichweiss says:

Re: Just had to be said...

oh gawd…you ever see what the rates are for You know that with places like Y! Personals, etc. only one person, the originating sender, has to have a subscription for the communication to start since replying to a message is free but eharmony requires BOTH people to have a subscription…and their subs, last I checked, are $50/month…so they make $100 the first time you talk to “your soulmate”. If they turn out not to be the person for you then they make a lot more than that…

Rodney (user link) says:

Hmmmm... Not a Bad Idea...

Well, I can only speak from my point of reference here, but I like the idea. I can think of many times when I flew alone and scanned the waiting passengers for interesting *possible* dates and romance. Why not let someone hook me up if they can not only match my flight times, but general interests and have a *feel* for the type of women that I enjoy. If things go well, it doesn’t matter where or how you meet that special person…

Professor HighBrow says:

Re: Hmmmm... Not a Bad Idea...

It’s an interesting idea… but oh too subtle!

How about an entire new section of the plane, the Singles section. Just costs a little more than coach, but less than 1st class. Have nice bar, some tunes, a dance floor… wait, they made a movie with this idea…
There could be all kinds of profit for the airlines too, with people buying drinks and getting hammered during flight (in more than one way!)
This would work out fabulously; We’d have 1st class for the business people, Coach with all the families and crying babies and that little brat that keeps kicking the back of my seat, and then the Mile High section (equipped with an unusual number of bathrooms with coin-operated condom dispensers.)

Tyson says:

Re: No Subject Given

lol Good point Tim, I could see the airlines doing that. Something along the lines of “for just $20 more, we can sit you beside that someone special…”

Although, when I travel, I do tend to look around the plane for “hopefuls”, and it would be nice to know if the woman sitting 2 rows up is actually single and looking.

Interesting concept. A for effort…

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

Tim, the concept you’re alluding to mirrors my thoughts after reading the article

I’m continuing your line of thought: Give the lady a first-class upgrade, and prompt the males to pay for an upgraded ticket and the opportunity to meet said ‘lady’.

Prediction ~ Eventually these lady slots will be filled by male flight attendants in drag; they will be earning ‘overtime’…

This is an interesting concept! I’m soooo glad I’m married!

Leslie says:

I Don't Think So!!!

I’m single AND I fly alot… but NO WAY I’m gonna date as well!!! I pity the poor guy that has to deal with me after I have to deal with airline travel! For instance, on a recent flight, I broke two nails trying to get by bag out of a rental car trunk that was as tall as me!!! Then the tram at JFK wasn’t working so I had to take a different one, go two stops beyond where I was going and then take a different tram back to my terminal. Then, the flight was delayed. Then I arrive at MSP and it’s 12 degrees and I’m not wearing a coat!!!! OK, I’m new to this and I’ll get better but please… I have enough to worry about without having to date while I’m doing it!!!!

TriZz says:

Re: I Don't Think So!!!

…and just think, all of that could have been forgotten with some sweet loving at 30,000 ft!!

However, this has sooooooo many problems. Connecting flights. If the person isn’t going to your hometown – then what’s the point of a love connection (beyond the obvious membership to the mile-high club)?

What if the person is a RAGING b**ch (like we can assume Leslie MIGHT have been during her flight) – Then you’re stuck there for up to 8 hours (flying within the US) just thinking about how much this SUCKS!

…I mean, if my fellow row attendee is not interesting – I can turn on my iPod and hang out with some of my best friends, but with this service – you’re almost obligated to TRY and enjoy their convo the entire flight.

I don’t know…it’s a nice idea, but they’d have to iron out some details.

Tyshaun says:

I don't know...

My only thought would be this. Let’s say you’re on a 4 or 5 hours flight and about 10 minutes in realize you and the person are incompatible. How awkward would that be for th rest of the flight? I mean, it’s not like you can cut the date off early with the old “cough/headache trick”, you’re at 10,000 feet.

Scott says:

Re: I don't know...

Simple – The participants simply wouldn’t be informed that they had been “matched.” Man gets on plane, notices that he gets to sit next to a gorgeous woman (doesn’t know whether she’s single, but he can find out later). Maybe they hit it off, maybe they don’t, but it would be just like getting the lucky ticket in an ordinary circumstance. (The matchmaking service could notify the couple AFTER the flight, just so they both know that they weren’t placed together by mere coincidence.)

Anonymous Coward says:

RE: Amazing --- (or TIVO has a plan here)

I think this overwhelming response by horny guys is the main reason this service will never take off.

OR TIVO sees this to their advantage and never intended to go anywhere with the matching service – all they care about is all the lonely horny guys out there reading about the service, think that like you said, “Dating = sex”, realize that they need a TIVO box to get in the matching service, thereby spiking sales of TIVO boxes by several hundred thousand – reaching the REAL end goal and
making the company profit.

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