Why Patent Trolls Worldwide Love Marshall, Texas

from the speedy-decisions dept

It would appear that patent trolls (even if the article refers to them as “patent pirates”) have found a friend in the form of a federal judge in the East Texas town of Marshall. Not only does he not waste time and push cases through quickly (a good thing), he sides with the patent holder nearly every time (and much higher than in cases throughout the rest of the country). Apparently, patent trolls around the world are learning that if you want to get your money quickly, file your claim in Marshall, Texas. In fact, many defendants are more likely to settle, rather than have to head into the courtroom of Judge T. John Ward. So, who has the patent on speedy trials?

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Comments on “Why Patent Trolls Worldwide Love Marshall, Texas”

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Jimmy Bear Pearson (user link) says:

Patent trolls, got no souls

Please see the lyrics to my “Patent trolls got no souls” tune for more information on this subject. Don’t forget to laugh.

With that said, I believe that patent reform is due (note that I did not say anything about abolishment of patents).

Perhaps, in our litigious society, we could find a way to protect the creative, keep the bad guys out of the copy-but-don’t-innovate business, AND keep the lawyers out of the creative process?

anon says:

Re: This article touched me

I live just a few miles down the road from Marshall, so this is one of those stories that hits close to home. I’ll be the first one to tell you that a lot of the people who make/enforce the laws (judges, city council, ect) in this area are complete morons. They do things based on the “good ol’ boy” system rather than actually following the law or thinking about how it personally affects them and the rest of society.

Just one more reason for me to hate this po-dunk place where I live.

Tyson says:

Re: Re: This article touched me

Anon, I could not agree with you more. I grew up in that area, Lufkin, TX actually, and the “good ol’ boy” system thrives in that there. I used to date the police chief’s daughter from my home town and we had a big fall out 3 years ago. I am still afraid to be seen in town for fear of being arrested on some bogus charges (I now live in Dallas and dont visit my parents near as much as what I used to).

To a bigger point though, Marshall isnt even that big of a town, so why are they even hearing these kinds patent cases? It seems like a manipulation of the law. To quote the article “Here, it’s done a little differently….” I would think that all patent cases should be tried with the same processes and procedures everywhere.

I think it is past time for a patent reform and maybe even a reform of how patent cases are tried/disputes/settled.

Michael says:

Re: Re: What else could you expect?

Impeachment? That’s crazy talk! All he’s done is show a complete and utter lack of ability to do his job. I think that impeachment is a little uncalled for, don’t you?

Now, if he starts to get sassy with the secretaries, that’s complete different. Then we hang him!

Shoal Creek says:

Re: Re: Re:2 What else could you expect?

I agree with anon on the political debate thing. My in-laws live in east Texas. They are republican, but they are some of the VERY FEW republicans in their tiny town.

As far as impeachment goes, the Constitution reserves impeachment to those presidents that have committed “high crimes and misdemeanors” as given by evidence before congress. Clinton perjured himself before Congress–which is legally a “high crime,” also known as a felony. He did it during investigations into sexual harrassment charges against him, which might be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the severity of the incident(s) in question. If you liberals had any common sense, maybe then you would understand the constitution does not allow for impeachment based on a strong dis-like of a president by approximately 30% of the general population. There is not enough evidence to begin congressional hearings on the president, yet. (I, as a conservative, don’t like President Bush because he has given us the largest entitlement increases since Johnson–a VERY SOCIALIST ACT.)

Michael says:

Re: Re: Re:3 What else could you expect?

Uhm… Shoal… it was a joke. While the man offends me, the majority has voted him into office twice. While that may affect my view of the average American (and it does), the country as a whole has made their choice clear, and there’s no reason to impeach the man. Those who actually take impeachment seriously are just pissy that they lost the election.

While you give a very well spoken response, it wasn’t really meant to be taken so seriously. I think him a fool, and I enjoy poking fun at hime. It’s my right. And simply by nature of your humanity and upbreading in modern society, you should have the wit to interpret my sarcasm as horseplay and not be such a rigid, pedantic twit.

Fazookus says:

Re: Re: Re:3 What else could you expect?

There is not enough evidence to begin congressional hearings on the president, yet.
Um, excuse me? You might recall that Bill perjured himself after:
Whitewater, a real estate deal (couldn’t get him on that)
Filegate (nothing there)
Travelgate (nada)
and probably other things. Does anybody understand how an investigation into a real estate deal got to lying about sex?
So evidence isn’t needed, just a majority in the house willing to impeach no matter what. I’m not saying that George should be impeached like Bill was, i.e., to get out the vote, but unfortunately impeachment seems like a necessary campaign tool these days now the precident has been set.
Of course George would be investigated for actual real crimes, so I suppose that does make a difference.

coyote (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re:3 Lying to justify a war?

If that ain’t a ‘high crime’, it ougtha be. And I think that there is plenty of evidence that the president lies pretty much every time he opens his mouth.

If that ain’t enough, then how about breaking the law to spy on Americans? While telling the American public that ‘court orders’ protect them from the so-callled Patriot Act?

R. says:

Re: Re: Re:4 Texas

As someone who is not native to Texas, but has lived there for 9 years, I think that I can offer a ‘middle-of-the-road view’ about Texas. First of all, people that live in Dallas/Ft. Worth are largely transplants like myself. What happens there is that everybody wants you to think that they’re native Texans. They walk the walk, but can’t quite ‘talk the talk’. They paste bumper stickers on their vehicles proclaiming “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could.”

Once you get away from the big cities, you get a feel for the real Texas. Most people are like minded, and give you a strong impression of solidarity, even if they’re views on certain subjects are out of line with 95% of the rest of America. You have to remember, these are people who want(ed) to suceede from the U.S.

Personally, I’m not political. I don’t care for President Bush, but I understand his outlook. It comes from the same independent, narrow-mindedness that is prevelant in the area he comes from. Which brings me around to the topic of this thread: patent law views in Marshall, TX.

You can find plenty to fault with people from any area of the U.S., but I have to say that the judge from Marshall seems to have a clear (if not over-simplified) view of patent law. Even if you think he is mis-guided, you have to admit, he is someone who isn’t afraid to stick up for the underdog. And for that, I think that he is to be commended.

billtouch says:

Re: Re: Re:3 What else could you expect?

You are almost correct – but for the sake of discussion – you really should get the facts correct…

Bill Clinton was not being investigated for sexual harrassment and he did not purjure himself to congress. The investigation was over possible misdeeds in the Whitewater land deal and in front of the Grand jury, the prosecutor asked a (seemly unrelated at the time) series of questions about sexual behavior in the White House. He denied any knowledge of it. That was the purjury.

Actually Bush’s largest entitlement was to Halliburton (and their ilk), a very republican act.


anon says:

Re: What else could you expect?

C’mon, that’s kind of a broad sweeping statement isn’t it? I hate all politicians in this day and age (especially presidential canadates, as they are usually the most heinous), and I’m from the same area. Most people I know in this area (Longview, Marshall, Tyler, and the tiny towns around there in NE Texas) are Democrats because they don’t have the money to be Republicans, or their sexual preference doesn’t agree with the Republican outlook.
This isn’t a political debate, it’s an article showing how moronic the patent system and people involved with lawmaking/enforcing in east Texas are. As little as I feel for the people in this area, I have to say that it is stupid for someone to make generalized statements about everyone living in a particular area. Do you agree with your neighbors? Your whole neighborhood? Everyone else in your country? Sometimes things have absolutely nothing to do with who is president or who may have (in your most EDUCATED opinion), and sometimes it’s best not to say anything about the subject.

Tyson says:

Re: Dont mess with Texas

Is it still too late to give Texas back to the Mexicans? I swear nothing good ever comes out of that god awful state. First we get the shrubs, now this patent troll bullshit. Texas would be a much better part of Mexico than our country.
Come on Craig, it is not that bad. People at large have a huge misconception about Texas. People seem to think that everybody in Texas wears skin tight Wranglers with cowbody hats and boots saying “y’all”, “yonder”, and “fixin” while we ride our horses to work. Fact of the matter is that while, yes, some people are like that, the majority of people that live in Texas are “normal” (I use that term losely because what is normal?) I do a lot of traveling and when I tell people that I am from Texas, people actually ask about my horse (which I do not own), cowboy hat (again dont own) and were my “southern draw” is (I have little/no accent). I think it is kind of comical the narrow minded perception and sterotypes people have these days.

Chris Houser says:

Re: Dont mess with Texas

Wow. : ) Feel lucky you live elsewhere, good sir. I’ll have you know that many amazing things came out of Texas. The integrated circuit, for starters. The largest port in the USA. The energy capital of the world and my hometown. You’re saying one little town is reason enough to give Texas away to Mexico? Texas is far more diverse than you can probably wrap your closed mind around. Of course, most people who haven’t ever been here won’t know that. Do we have pride? Hell yeah! And you better believe we have good reason. Going around slathering such comments on boards is the act of a weak man. I hope you take this into consideration.

wolff000 says:

Patent Reform Almost Impossible

The way our society is set up major reform of any type of legal system is next impossible. Do you really think big buisness is going to let Congress pass anything that could jeopardize thier income;patents being a huge part of that income. It is sad the corporate America has such a strangle hold on the political factors in this country that we can’t fix all the things that are so very broken, patent law being one of the biggest in my book.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

Anything below the mason dixon and west of the Ohio River can be cut out and sent into the ocean. On the same token, take all of the innercity parasites and welfare shitheads and trade them for responsible , ethical, and fair minded adults (not adults that think like juviniles) and bring them to the north east, the rest can be nuked. I live in the south right now and it is like hell on earth. No-one does what they are told, they never come to work, but expect a check… and get pissed if we actually require anything out of them. Sounds like the Texas you speak of.

Oh, for all those ghetto trash folks I see out there at walmart, Aunt jamima called… she wants her clothes back. Good thing we can’t make you pick cotton anymore, or you might have to do some kind of work without complaining… now you get to complain and file lawsuits so you don’t have to work anymore. yay for you, you get a whole month to throw it in our faces that you fuckers refuse to do what you are told and get away with it. Hmm… wait till one of you works for me… I don’t fire people… I deport them. Liberia anyone?

Xyro TR1 (user link) says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

Wow, I just realized how many people who respond on here are so quick to judge an entire region of the Earth by the decisions and lifestyles of a select few. I myself live in a suburb of Dallas, and all political beliefs aside, there are alot of great, honest, hard working people in Texas. I find it sad that some people take the most miniscule imperfection and blow it out of proportion. The ignorance seen here astounds me. I’m not saying that I agree with the actions of that judge in Marshall or his decisions, but I’ll be damned if everyone in the whole f*cking state (which is pretty damned big, by the way) shares the same beliefs. In conclusion, I’d like to say to all the ignorant ba*tards that have insulted the whole state of Texas that they should pull the damned stick out of their ass, open their eyes, and try to sort the bad from the good, before calling both sides complete worthless trash. So, to hell with politics. This is f*ckin’ personal. Final word of advice: think before you speak. Or maybe just plain THINK.

Sipes says:

Re: Re: Re: Xyro

i too, am a fellow dallasian, and am appaled by people blaming texans for all being stupid. i’d understand with the case of the guy fearing the “good ol’ boy” situation that he faces, but, we are not all like that. YES, some texans are stupid. however, there are no more stupid texans, than there are stupid californians, or yankees.

now, in response to the judge’s actions here, there needs to be a federal investigation done in to the practices he follows, and runs by. in a situation like this, where millions of dollars could potentially at risk over a patent situation being put through as such, then there needs to be a seperate court system for that. such as, a state wide federal court.

Connie says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

You really are a coward! Actually you are the true meaning of a NIGGER! I can agree that people of color should work for a living and let welfare die however; degrading people and calling them names other than their own is just foul! Well I hope that one day you see that your “good ole boy” attitude is outdated, foul and seriously disgusting.

Matt (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Awwww, but voting is HARD… There’s that whole confusing thing about which sumbitch is less evil than the other sumbitch. And then there’s that whole thing about having to drag ass off of the couch…

Seriously though… This is a country where more people vote for American Idol than they do for the POTUS. If that doesn’t scare the hell out of you, then you’re not paying enough attention.

Terces says:

Dont mess with Texa

We can’t give Texas back…

Texas holds the sole bottling plant where anyone can order soda/pop/coke that still uses cane sugar and not HFCS. Treat yourself to some Dublin Dr Pepper some time and if you’ll remember what pop used to taste like (with shipping it comes out to $30 a case but you have to get it at least once as the other cane-sugar-pop plants around the US were shutdown by lawsuits and this is the sole one left that is able to sell the stuff outside their small distribution area).


Anonymous Coward says:


i live in East Texas..and while there are some stupid people that do live in Texas there are stupid people from every state..i get so tired of people saying that everyone from Texas is stupid…9 times out of 10 that person prob hasn’t even meet a Texan..they are just basing what they have seen on a movie or Bush. i mean how would you feel if everyone was always saying your whole state was stupid and should just be cut off? you wouldn’t like it..and yes there are some who live in Texas that are trashy but NOT everyone is and i know this might shock some but also not everyone has horses, cows and says “yee-haw” so please before you judge the entire population of Texas..make sure you know what the hell your talking about.

Anonymous Coward says:

Hate everybody based on Geo Coding!

Everyone in NY is rude. Should be cut off and shoved in the ocean.

Everyone in Fargo says “Don’t ya know”? I know this because I saw it in a movie! Should be cut off and shoved in… wait a minute, not convenient ocean, let’s just nuke it.

Everyone in Boston is a snob. Let’s just shove it in the ocean.

Everyone in… oh, wait, location based services were just patented, we can no longer hate based on location! Perhaps we can say “All men are stupid” or “All english speakers are stupid” or something else.

Must find a new way to hate; perhaps hair length? Oh, tried that in the 50s. Rejected it in the 60s. What do we do now??

Corey Gossens says:

Patent Cases In Marshall Texas

I work for a Busy restaurant in Marshall Texas. When these patent cases are in town, my restaurant catering business thrives! We love catering trial groups . They have all been very nice and easy to get along with. We feed then well. Not the usual food from east Texas. Lots of Brain food, fresh fish, fresh fruits and veggies, all very well thought out and customized to please any palate. These groups require more than just the normal food from the area. We do not fry anything unless something specific is requested for the evening. If anyone has any questions or wants to book with us for any occasion, from small parties to large wedding receptions up to 300 people, our facility located inside the historic Weisman center just two blocks North of the federal courthouse. We have a fabulous view of the Old Marshall courthouse from our front door. Any questions or information contact us by visiting our website (www.centralperks.us). We are looking forward to hearing from you !~

Jerry (user link) says:

Patent Court in ETX

Wow! Talk about people skirting the subject, spewing anti-Texas vitriol, and in some cases most profanely disqualifying themselves from any civil, rational discussion or any measure of respect relating to it! Come on, now! Marshall, Texas has almost a century-long history as the site of plaintiff suits being brought in the state district court there — they were related to big industry, predominantly the railroads, even before the federal court was installed in the city in the 1960s. Most of this more recently has almost nothing to do with Texas and East Texans, but everything with the opportunities, and most frequently the responsibilities, available to law firms nationally and internationally.

AYW says:

Speaking of Bill Clinton:

It is opined that Bill Clinton committed racist hate crimes, and I am not free to say anything further about it.

Respectfully Submitted by Andrew Y. Wang, J.D. Candidate
B.S., Summa Cum Laude, 1996
Messiah College, Grantham, PA
Lower Merion High School, Ardmore, PA, 1993

(I can type 90 words per minute, and there are probably thousands of copies on the Internet indicating the content of this post. Moreover, there are innumerable copies in very many countries around the world.)
“If only it were possible to ban invention that bottled up memories so they never got stale and faded.” Off the top of my head—it came from my Lower Merion High School yearbook.

matt3046 says:


Dish networks DVRs are ten times better than anything Tivo has ever produced.
So someone at tivo had an idea but it doesn’t change the fact that they have never been able to produce a quality product.
If you think Tivo is good it is only because you have never tried anything else.

Rhotundra (profile) says:

Mafia Lawyers love Taxas

Much as I hate the left wing PBS stations, I have to believe their recent report that a large group of lawyers with deep investor backing have set up a huge number of shill companies to capture patent rights. Its pretty certain that they nicely as for protection money from corporations to ensure patent infringement cases don’t pop up in Marshall Texas. The only patent law reform needed is to enforce existing laws concerning this illegal Mafia like protection scheme. I would bet that a substantial number of backers are funded by Soros too, though both parties are corrupt.

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