How Flat Panel TVs Are Helping The Furniture Market?

from the unintended-beneficiaries dept

It would appear that many people don’t quite realize the commitment level they’re making to their new big screen, flat panel LCD or plasma TVs. We’ve mentioned in the past how these TVs may jack up your electricity bill, but there’s another secondary effect that many people are discovering. The new, modern TVs look out of place with their old furniture — creating an entire new market for big screen TV friendly furniture. At least, that’s what this Reuters article would have you believe. Reading between the lines, however, this story sounds very much like it was planted by PR people for Ethan Allen who (oh, look at that!) just happen to have a new line of furniture coming out specifically designed to work with big screen flat panel TVs. So, are people really changing their furniture, or does Ethan Allen just want you think they are so you feel left behind? Update: The PR people must be putting something in reporters’ coffee. Also, today, the Wall Street Journal is running a piece about how the bathroom is the new office, and people are even getting special upgrades to their bathroom (answer the speaker phone from the shower, and have the water automatically turn off) to make it easier to work. Maybe Microsoft was onto something with their iLoo idea, which Microsoft kept changing its mind concerning whether or not it was a joke or real.

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Comments on “How Flat Panel TVs Are Helping The Furniture Market?”

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Jamie says:

No Subject Given

While I agree that this is probably a marketing ploy on ethan allen’s part, there is a little more to it than that. I have several friends in the cabinet making industry. They are all getting orders for custom built cabinets to accomidate the larger TVs. Many people are complaining to them, that there are very few furniture pieces that they can purchase that will fit these TVs. So they are getting custom cabinets made to house them. Which is great for the cabinet industry.

Andrew Strasser (user link) says:

It's all about publicity...

You can do many things in this world with publicity and mass brainwashing is a technique often used. There are many instances of this across the world some places much more so than others. You believe what you’re told to believe is the consensus. There are those who can see through the smoke and fog and there are those blind to the world around them. Unfortunantly the latter is the largest group of them all.

Xyro TR1 (user link) says:

Re: Slightly Off Topic

I completely forgot about the iLoo. That has GOT to be the big MS’s bravest, most innovative, and downright wierdest idea to date. I mean, it’s a great idea, yet it’s completely useless. I don’t know. Could Billy G. be on to something? Or is it complete bullsh*t?

Heh, bullsh*t. iLoo. How ironic.

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