Michelle Kwan Has A Posse

from the slow-news-day dept

With the Winter Olympics drawing near — wait, are we allowed to say that? — apparently it’s newsworthy to report that several Olympians have online fan sites. Of course, the article glosses over the most interesting part, that there’s an 800-strong group called the Michelle Kwan Guardian Angels “who vow to love and protect the American figure skater from bashing in chat rooms or message boards”. Didn’t Tanya Harding have something sort of like that?

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Comments on “Michelle Kwan Has A Posse”

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Tyshaun says:

Re: ?։n?X

Wow, some anger management issues to work through!

Interesting, never heard of something like that, a group of people organized to go out and defend and idea/person on the internet. There’s always been suspicion that some advertisers/companies have done this to “generate buzz” but never heard of it for an individual.

Anthony Herrera says:

Re: Michelle Kwan

Michelle, I have enjoyed watching you skate throughtout the years and I hope to see more of your skating. You now have an injury that requires that you step down and not compete in the 2006 winter games. Everyone is pulling for you to get better and don’t think for a minute that your career is over. Keep up the good work all your fans are pulling for you…..

Anonymous Coward says:

No Sarah... is sad

I’d take a bullet for Sarah Hughes, but not for Ms. Kwan. Not that she’s a bad person. In fact she’s local and I’ve met her and she’s a nice gal. Unless I was on duty, then I would have to help her to some extent.

It’s a dang shame Sarah Hughes wont be n the 2006 Winter Olympics team. Is it legal to say that yet?

Kwan fan says:

Re: No Sarah... is sad

I saw Sarah skate with Stars on Ice in Feb 2005. She did 2 double jumps in the whole show(this included two individual performances plus the group skates), her spins were slow, and she didn’t have much speed in general. I don’t believe she has competed since the Olympics in 2002. Unless she has gone into serious training recently, I doubt that she is in shape to compete in Turino.

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