MP3 Players The Big Security Risk… Again

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Employees’ MP3 players are a “massive and significant risk to corporate data” for 2006, an analyst says. Perhaps he’s unaware of how many analysts have talked about this with the threat never really appearing. Even one analyst giving the “phenomenon” a catchy name — “pod slurping” — didn’t make it stick. This issue has always existed, the media is just changing, and it’s as yet failed to bring too many modern economies to their knees. Even our favorite overreacting analyst, Jack Gold (he of cameraphone-banning fame), says banning small mass-storage devices is pointless, and it cuts off companies from any of their benefits. There are plenty of existing security products and policies to deal with these devices, all that’s needed is a little common sense.

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Comments on “MP3 Players The Big Security Risk… Again”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

bad analysis!

I would point out that any intelligent criminal (not terrorist) making use of a “back door” like this into corporations would be unlikely to abuse the hole to the point of detection. Bringing an economy down is a surefire way to make sure you can’t do your mischeif anymore.
It’s like with other security holes — just because you haven’t seen them being used, doesn’t mean they aren’t used extensively.

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