It Turns Out That Pro-User Zealots Vote, Too

from the generally-not-a-good-idea-to-piss-off-lots-of-voters dept

Canadian politician Sam Bulte who famously called critics of her close ties with the entertainment industry “pro-user zealots” who just wanted to silence her, has apparently discovered that perhaps a few more people than she thought were pro-user zealots… and they vote. She’s now lost her campaign to be re-elected. The news coverage doesn’t even mention the fuss about her relationship with big content companies, so there’s a good chance that whole issue had little to do with her loss. Still, it remains to be seen if she lives up to her announced plan to sue Michael Geist, her most vocal critic, now that the election is over.

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Comments on “It Turns Out That Pro-User Zealots Vote, Too”

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Andrew Strasser (user link) says:

Don't attack the smartest...

The dubest mistake a politician can make is to make an enemy of the smartest people in their area. These people know how to use word of mouth, networking, and also know how to explian to people what you’re doing wrong. When you tick off the ones who are smartest you get the most problems. People listen to their smart friends even if they wouldn’t admit they are smarter than they are.

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