Take That, Craig — If You're Up Early Enough

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Craigslist is a big thorn in newspapers’ sides, hitting their bread-and-butter classifieds business. There’s plenty of approaches to competing with Craigslist, whether it’s acting blissfully unaware, offering your own free classifieds or even bulking up your online classified offering, but some newspapers are still struggling to figure out the best way forward. The San Francisco Chronicle thinks putting classifieds on TV is the answer — and doing it for 30 minutes at a time three times a week, at 5:30 in the morning. It’s focusing on job ads for now, making it perfect if employers are searching for the unemployed that like to watch TV really early in the morning. It’s hard to slate the paper for trying to do something, and offering their ads on multiple platforms isn’t a bad idea. But to think they can simply throw them on TV in whatever time slot they can pick up on the cheap and it will magically boost their business isn’t wise.

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Comments on “Take That, Craig — If You're Up Early Enough”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Of course... BTW:

Bart: Who’s up at 3:17 AM watching TV? Homer: Alcoholics, the unemployable, angry loners…

of course its perfect then, thats the people its targeting, right?
Get a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) my friend. Before I got one i barely ever watched TV because my shows were on too late and i had to deal with commercials. Since i got my DVR, I can watch all my favorite shows when i want and get to skip all the advertisments.

or get a TV tuner for that computer you have with a 200gig hard drive – works just the same as long as you already have the computer, its inbetween 50 and a few hundred bucks cheaper. install the tuner card, plug in your antenna or cable/satellite, install the software, and record all your late night (in my case anime) shows, without killing yourself to stay up to watch em and kill yourself again to get up in the morning.

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