Steve's Jobs Could Have Conflicts Of Interest

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In all the talk about a potential buyout of Pixar by Disney, one angle that’s getting some attention is whether such a deal — and the resulting position of influence within Disney for Pixar and Apple CEO Steve Jobs would create a conflict of interest. Surely part of the attraction of buying Pixar for Disney would be to gain Jobs’ expertise in technology and digital media; his role at Apple in creating and profiting from those technologies could create conflicts and the potential for self-interested decisions. Jobs has had to do some of this in his current roles, but a seat on Disney’s board could bring with even more problems. As Matt Marshall points out, Jobs could solve the problem by getting a new CEO at either Apple or Pixar, but he’s not likely to do that. It’s hard to feel too bad for the guy, though, since his Pixar stake is believed to be worth about $3.5 billion — not a bad return on the $10 million he spent for it in 1986.

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Comments on “Steve's Jobs Could Have Conflicts Of Interest”

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Acetaminophen says:

Re: Re: disney/pixar

That was Eisner. Robert Iger has been working the “Eisner was f-ing it all up. I love you” angle with EVERYONE. Many of the bridges Eisner burned with his strong hand tactics are being rebuilt by Iger. In fact, I think it’s a matter of people simply hating Eisner as a person, from the night and day response Iger has been getting.

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