AOL Wants ItsSpace Too

from the we-need-to-be-hip-with-the-kids dept

Never one to sit still and let the latest net trend fly by unnoticed (and uncopied), AOL now wants to build its own version of MySpace based around its popular instant messaging program. The plan is to draw in AOL’s online content with community features, but like Rupert Murdoch’s strategy for MySpace of turning little media into big media, it’s hard to see somebody like AOL — the biggest of big media — keeping the focus on the interactivity and user-created content that made MySpace so popular rather than just using it as another path to forcefeed people content. The bigger question, though, is if it will make any money. Given the dot-com bubble burnouts of so many “community” sites, as well as MySpace’s relatively low ad revenue despite its traffic, it looks doubtful.

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Comments on “AOL Wants ItsSpace Too”

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Graphics guy says:

Right, because AOL does everything better (note th

Back in the day AOL used to be a “must have” program. Over the years however, it has devolved into a breeding ground for porn-bots and spammers. Of course they are going to try every little trend to get people to like them again, but you know its not going to work. Why pay when its out there for free already?

dan says:

Re: Right, because AOL does everything better (not

>Back in the day AOL used to be a “must have” program.

Exactly what day was this? i’ve been online since before there WAS an AOL (*those* were the days), and since the get-go AOL has been nothing but a haven for horny housewives, annoying children and insipid “me, to!!!!” artists.

Which of those three are you, Gg?

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