Google Opens Up Its IM And VoIP

It is the common strategy for leaders in a “winner take all” sector try to isolate their users, while the stragglers always argue for interconnectivity and group-up with the other stragglers. So, although its a breath of fresh air, it’s not really much of a surprise that Google has announced that any standards-supporting group can interconnect with their VoIP and IM community on Google Talk. The range of communities that can now interconnect with Google Talk includes those that use the XMPP and SIP protocols: Earthlink, Gizmo Project, Tiscali, Netease, Chikka, MediaRing, and any other standard-compliant ISP, university, corporation, or individual. This is good news for the “open source” movement who doesn’t like “belonging” to any vendor like an AOL. It allows people to join a community that doesn’t “belong” to anyone, and Google brings a fair amount of heft and momentum to that movement. This is a poke in the sides for MSFT, Yahoo, AOL, and SkypeBay (EBaype?)

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