UK Ad Regulator Says Don't BlackBerry And Drive

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T-Mobile UK has been slapped down by the country’s ad regulator after a number of people complained that one of its recent print ads encouraged dangerous driving. The ad, which showed a woman driving a car with a glove compartment full of gadgets and office equipment with the tagline “Work where you work best. Business data solutions from T-Mobile puts your business wherever you are.”, apparently could be construed by some people to mean you’re actually supposed to use office equipment while you drive. Censuring the ad doesn’t really attack the root of the problem — people stupid enough to email or text while they drive. The ad didn’t run here in the US, but an idiot driver still managed to kill a bicyclist because they were texting behind the wheel. Who can we blame that on?

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Comments on “UK Ad Regulator Says Don't BlackBerry And Drive”

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Mark says:

Blackberry Schmackberry

If it wasn’t a blackberry, it’d be a cellphone, or a lipstick applier, or a hairbrusher. Hell, I saw one driver with a hardback book propped against the wheel. Doing 60! Unfortunately, there will always be morons, idiots, lawyers looking for billable hours. And the hand-wringers beseeching the lawmakers to write laws to make it all go away so they won’t have to fret when they venture outside. It would all be so much simpler if the self-destructive types would leave the rest of us alone…

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