I Majored In Outsourcing

from the online-learning dept

There are plenty of places where students can buy term papers and other work online, but apparently now computer-science students are getting into the act by using outsourcing sites to find overseas programmers to do their homework. There’s not a whole lot to add to this, but there’s no reason why the ranks of students clueless enough to buy somebody else’s work shouldn’t include some “studying” computer science. Just makes you wonder if they’re dumb enough to brag about it on Facebook, too.

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Comments on “I Majored In Outsourcing”

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Anony... says:

No Subject Given

…being anonymous on this one:

I did that once, although I’m not a Computer Science major. I’m more into networking, but I had to take a java class and just couldn’t grasp it. So, I paid some kid in Singapore like $10 to do my project for me.

I got an A.

There was this site, it was like e-bay for programmers. You put up the specifics of the project, and the programmers bid on how much they’ll do it for. Past clients rank them, so you can find the biggest bang for your buck.

Then, when the price/specifications are agreed upon, you send the site the money, and the site will not release the money to the programmer until you tell the site that the work is done and satisfactory.

It was awesome.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

hey, i want to learn programming, and you are doing it and then slacking. i really want to learn but i cant take it in my highschool until next year. i wouldnt give up the chance. computers is a passion of mine and i wouldnt outsource my homework, i want to learn as much as i can about them

TechNoFear (profile) says:

Re: Re: Re: Teachers are getting wise to this...

Rent-a-Coder (and other sites) have been doing this for years. In most programming forums you can find someone gullible enough to do your homework.
In CProgramming.com (GD forum) someone complains that their teacher caught them out with an oral exam. They were asked to explain their code but could not because they had used ‘technical stuff without realising’.
It is all a laugh until you get stuck in a team, deadlines fast approaching, with one of these muppets….

Xanthir says:

You only hurt yourself...

As my calculus teacher once said, “I don’t give a crap about whether or not you do your homework. I don’t take it up at the end of the day. I tell you what will be useful to study so that you will learn. If you refuse to, it’s your loss. I’ll still be here in class trying to cram information into your retarded little head, and I get paid the same whether you succeed in life or not.”

That’s a slight paraphrase, but only because memory fails me as to his exact words. They were quite close.

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