Google Goes Radio Ga Ga

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Google’s made it pretty clear that’s it’s got advertising aspirations that go well beyond Adsense ads on web pages, looking to sell space in magazines and newspapers and on TV. Don’t forget about radio, either, with Google saying it will buy a company that’s developed a platform for selling, scheduling, delivering and tracking radio ad spots online. That sounds like Adsense for radio — so unsurprisingly, Google will integrate it into Adsense to sell radio airtime alongside Web ads. The question remains, though, just how much better and more efficient Google can make radio advertising. The results of its first print ad trials weren’t very promising as Google couldn’t deliver the same benefits to advertisers that it does online. Radio may not prove much different.

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Comments on “Google Goes Radio Ga Ga”

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ZOMG CENSORED (user link) says:

Rage Against the Adverts?

“Lights off, Google Radio… Turn that shit up”?

To me it seems like they’re trying to grab everything they can without really looking into the pros and cons of each venture. Radio is a bit more suiting to them since it operates entirely on text, however the format is still entirely different. I do think they’ll be a bit more successful with this rather than the “print fiasco”, but the question remains “How successful?”

Vasco DaGameboy says:

What's Next?

Sergey & Co. know EVERYTHING! They can do anything they want and will be SUPER SUCCESSFUL! Forget traditional media companies! They may have experience, but they aren’t YOUNG, HIP BILLIONAIRES! Here’s a quick look at what’s next from the most brilliant minds on the planet:

Google Films (Beta) – a movie studio based in the Bay Area rather than Los Angeles. Google will change the world of movie making by producing short films of amateur created content and delivering it to company owned movie theaters (Googleplexes). Moviegoers will gladly pay reduced prices of 35 cents a film to sit through 14-minute amateur comedy skits and 12-minute FRAPS captures of CounterStrike Source battles, both preceded and trailed by Ad-Sense ads.

After that succeeds wildly and Google stock hits $850, the company will launch Google Paper (Beta) – a nationwide newspaper delivered to wireless printer kiosks throughout the nation. People will rush to pay 5 cents apiece for 3 letter-sized sheets containing the latest news, weather, sports and entertainment, all updated every five minutes and liberally salted with Ad-Sense ads. The kiosks will also sell movie tickets to the local Googleplex and serve as a local WiFi hot spot.

Once the stock hits $1375, the company will unveil its most ambitious plan to date: Googletron (Beta). Jumbotron type devices will be placed in strategic locations in cities all over the nation. From Peoria to Phoenix, Tampa to Tacoma, drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike will see a non-stop stream of Google-sourced content, including a running news ticker, local weather, and prodigious amounts of Ad-Sense commercials. “The Goog” (as people may come to know it) will be integrated with Google Video (Beta), allowing locals to submit their content for display on the local Googletron. People will gladly pay $3.99 to appear on “The Goog” and become a local media star.

That should get the stock to $2000!

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