We May Like The Internet, But We Love TV

from the where-does-the-time-go dept

Americans are watching 4 minutes per day more TV than they were a year ago, a new study says. What’s driving the increase? All that breaking news. Viewing by young people held steady — what with them being on that internet thing all the time — with the increase coming from people over 35, apparently illustrating why the network news is full of ads for Cialis and arthritis medicine.

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Comments on “We May Like The Internet, But We Love TV”

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giafly says:

Rolling News is not something you watch

… it’s something that you leave playing in the background, while doing the housework or talking to family, or whatever, just in case something interesting happens.

I wonder whether the figures might not show a fall if they only counted the time that “viewers” were actually “viewing” their TV.

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