How Much For Your Title And Status Bar?

from the advertising:-it's-everywhere dept

By now you should realize that advertisers will try to find just about any unencumbered real estate where they can put their message if they think enough eyeballs will scan that area. So, perhaps it’s no surprise that some firms have been looking for poorly “monetized” areas of your screen real estate where they can stick an ad. There’s a new company, apparently, (and, honestly, if we were a bit closer to April, we might wonder if this were really an April Fool’s joke) that wants to sell your browser’s title and status bars to advertisers. The company positions it as an unobtrusive way of getting advertising out there — which would make sense minus the fact that it’s so unobtrusive that it’s in a spot where no one ever looks. Still, if the company can actually sucker some advertisers into believing it’s worth it, it could be a decent extra revenue source for some sites — though, the CPM of $0.65 is extremely low on the payout side (advertisers are expected to cough up $1 CPM so, the ad firm is keeping 35%). Still, you have to wonder how many advertisers will pay up — or renew after they realize how few people actually see their ad.

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Comments on “How Much For Your Title And Status Bar?”

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dan mayer (user link) says:

Re: title bar

i dont know about you all but i use the hell out of tabbed browsing and if all of my tabs were Ads I would be forced to read them because i could never find the right tab to switch to. So it would make me read the ads, but hate the sites that used those ads, because i couldnt find the right tab to switch to. If you have 8 tabs open the only way to move around is from the tab title… So all of you i never read the titles are either using IE or do some pretty limitted browsing or didnt realize how this would negatively affect your browsing experience.

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