Google Rumors Keep On Coming

from the mm-hmm dept

Fresh off the (since denied) rumors of a Google PC comes a surge of stories about the Google Cube — a tiny device with all sorts of I/O connections that would do all sorts of nifty multimedia and home automation stuff, which sounds pretty far-fetched. As points out, all this started with a Robert Cringely column back in November, and has gained speed thanks to the arrival of the CES show, as well as an investment bank writing a report about it (hey, whatever it takes stock analysts to get that share price to 600, right?). Cringely, of course, is no stranger to unbridled speculation, uncorroborated predictions or Google — the week before talking about the Cube, he said Google was planning to build a “parallel Internet” with shipping-container data centers. Some other people are talking about the Google Panda Army, but me, I’m waiting for the Google mayonnaise to put on the Google turkey sandwich I’m having for lunch. If Google wants to enter a low-margin, dying business, why wouldn’t they want to make mayonnaise too? Apparently no facts are required the first week of the year, in order to get the speculation started off right.

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Comments on “Google Rumors Keep On Coming”

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Chunni Babu (user link) says:


Google is a random incoherent medly of crazy nerds. While MS is showing off futuristic holographic interfaces, and smart integration of various hardware, Google releases Google Pack? What a pack of jokers. What else will you get for hiring MS rejects? Yeah include OpenOffice in that pack too and then pay users to use it. What better way can there be to use shareholder money other than to hire 10 ppl a day, open a development center in every city on earth, and then pay users to use open source software!

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