Rumor Machine Gets Cranking: Google PC?

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It’s not the first time this has been rumored, and probably won’t be the last, but an LA Times piece has people buzzing about the possibility that Google is planning to announce a PC that will be sold at Wal-Mart later this week at CES. This has all the makings of the supposedly “big” announcement Google and Sun made back in October. For a few days before there were rumors all over the news about how Sun and Google planned to announce something, which way too many people (including the press) immediately assumed was Google offering their own version (perhaps web-based) of OpenOffice and taking on Microsoft directly. Of course, the actual announcement was nothing of the sort. It wasn’t even that interesting. Google certainly could introduce their own PC with their own OS, but it seems unlikely. It’s also not that clear that it would sell that well. Wal-Mart did recently try to sell super cheap PCs based on Linux, but they didn’t sell well and were removed from store shelves. Would it be that different if they had a Google brand slapped on them?

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Comments on “Rumor Machine Gets Cranking: Google PC?”

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Wolfger (profile) says:

I think it's different.

I think Google-branded Linux-based PC would sell much better that any other Linux brand. Linux, once you get past the install stage, is not terribly difficult to use, but the name Linux scares a lot of people. They simply don’t want to touch a Linux computer because they’ve heard that Linux is complicated and they believe it. Google would be a friendly face, though. People trust Google. Possibly more than they ought to. I think they would be willing to give Google OS a try, so long as they don’t hear the word “Linux”.

IMHO says:

selling ice to eskimos

people will buy anything with the right marketing and audience targeted correctly…would a 50-something grandmother buy a googlePC rather than a simple e-machine? i wouldn’t think so…but would a starving college student/tech-school geek buy one? advertising…it’s all in the advertising. google definitley has the brand marketing on their side already…

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