Will ISP Quarantines Open The Door On The Two Tiered Internet?

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The battle over the two-tier internet keeps raging, with incumbent telcos looking for just about any way possible to justify cutting off certain competing services if they’re not paid more. However, it’s not hard to see ways that they could slowly erode network neutrality. Broadband Reports points us to an article debating the pros and cons of ISPs “quarantining” computer systems that aren’t secure and preventing them from reaching the internet. This isn’t a new issue at all. We’ve had discussions on whether or not your ISP should protect you and even whether there should be regulations enforcing it. However, the article above ties it back to network neutrality, suggesting that security could be the trojan horse that telcos use to break down network neutrality. They can make credible cases that certain things should be blocked because of security risks, and from there start to make cases that competing services are also security risks. Once things move away from complete network neutrality, it’s not hard to see how the telcos will keep pushing the definition. We’ve already seen some ISPs blocking VoIP and streaming media, claiming that it’s to ensure network integrity — even as those ISPs offered competing services themselves. “Security” will become just another way of justifying price blocking.

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