Sony Stores Don't Get Memo On Pulling Rootkit CDs

from the downward-spiral dept

In the fallout from the Sony BMG rootkit fiasco, the record label eventually said it would pull the rootkit CDS from stores — a move that was too little, too late. The attorneys general Texas and New York have got Sony BMG in their sights, with the focus of their interest on why the CDs were still for sale in stores, despite the recall. We wondered if the retailers or the record label should bear the responsibility for taking the CDs off shelves, but what happens when Sony is the retailer? Consumerist reports that the rootkit-laden CDS are still on sale in at least one Sony Style store in New York, despite the label saying it was “working with its retail partners to withdraw compact discs with XCP software from distribution and retail chains.” Throughout this whole episode, it’s been hard to believe that Sony BMG was taking things very seriously, given their ham-handed response and continual missteps. The fact that they haven’t even bothered to get the CDs out of the stores of their parent company does little to change that perception.

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Comments on “Sony Stores Don't Get Memo On Pulling Rootkit CDs”

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Keegan Orange says:

Re: Buyer beware.

thats kinda an ignorant statement in itself.

There should be no need for everyone to know that sort of stuff. It’s just a jacka$$ trick to pull.

not to mention, given the right circumstances it would be impossible to find the cd you want that comes complete without the DRM

It’s not like Explicit lyrics where they put quite the warning and have multiple copies available. Sme with the lyrics and some edited with the bleeps instead.

Elzeard says:

Boycott Sony everywhere

Sony is also behind the “downgrade’ for Star Wars Galaxies that has made droves of players decide to quit because of the drastic changes.

Sony’s Corporate ‘Heart’ is disclosed by this rootkit, along with the way Sony has treated SWG fans. They HATE their customers, view them as a den of thieves who deserve no consideration for their feelings or opinions. Customers are only there as a source of revenue.

CUT OFF that revenue! Avoid all things touched by Sony — Hardware, Software, Entertainment. Look carefully before deciding on any such purchase. Sure, Sony offers many quality products in those areas.

There are always other movies to go to, and other songs to hear. Get your entertainment from a company that doesn’t HATE you.

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