HP To Get Back Into Music Players?

from the play-it-again dept

back in July, HP said it would stop selling iPods, saying the iPod didn’t fit into its digital entertainment strategy. HP now says it plans to get back into the digital music market in some way, looking to “create a solution that lets you get the music you want, when you want it, and where you want it.” Given the iPod/iTunes dominance of the digital music market, it certainly seems people think Apple’s products are that solution. If selling the market-leading music player didn’t fit HP’s strategy, what is the strategy? Developing some other player that won’t be popular and selling it, just because it’s theirs? Of course, HP could create and develop a solution that takes all the things people like about iTunes and the iPod, and dumps all the restrictions and copy-protection stuff people don’t like to create something that could truly challenge Apple’s dominance. But given both HP’s lack of imagination and the music industry’s misguided view that heavy restrictions are the only way to proceed, it’s not likely.

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