eBay Backs Down On Plans To Let You Sell Sparky Online

from the no-animal-trafficking dept

It would appear that eBay touched a nerve. With so much pet food and pet accessories being sold through eBay, the company had finally decided to lift its ban on live animals — even promising to let animal shelters put up ads for free. However, it would appear that many people freaked out at this little plan — fearing that the obsessive eBay seller would replace their bedroom stuffed with Beanie Babies with a bedroom stuffed with dogs in unsanitary conditions. After a ton of complaints, eBay has backed down. However, the article gives one additional hint about the complaints: the most vocal appeared to be farms and for-profit animal breeders — both of whom would probably face a lot more competition if such an eBay market was created. Update: That last bit was not accurate, but based on a misreading of the article.

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Comments on “eBay Backs Down On Plans To Let You Sell Sparky Online”

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Howard Lee Harkness (user link) says:

So much for...

So much for eBay being “only a venue”. You really can’t have it both ways. They also forbid trade in other perfectly legal items. Since they actively enforce their politically-motivated choices, they should be held legally liable for the massive amount of fraud that their “venue” attracts.

I sell violins on ebay and competing sites

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