iPods As The Antidote To Mobile Phone Chatter

from the let-everyone-else-go-deaf dept

While a bunch of folks are covering the old story about how iPods can make you go deaf (something we mentioned seven months ago), someone in Chicago has found the flip side of that coin. iPods are making public places quiet again. Apparently, the guy writing the column noticed that his morning commute had become respectfully quiet again, after many years of constant loud and annoying chatter — much of it on mobile phones. The reason for the silence? Everyone’s plugged into their iPods (going deaf, apparently). Of course, maybe the guy had just spent too much time listening to his own iPod in the past, and now can’t hear well enough to know that the sound of silence he hears is only in his own ears.

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Comments on “iPods As The Antidote To Mobile Phone Chatter”

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Joe Schmoe says:

No Subject Given

As a chicago train rider (though this applies across the board), I have a different take. While I do not appreciate people who speak loud enough for the entire cab to hear, I do recognise that it is a public space and expect people to talk.

What I do find annoying, exceedingly, like nails on a friggin chalk board, is peope who cannot form a single without the word “like”. Over and over, and over, every third word out of their mouths over…

Don 'Bear' Wikinson says:


I think it is quieter on the BART (above and below ground electric) trains in the San Francisco Bay Area recently.
When you have your iPod in your ear, you don’t hear the cellphone ringing. Everyone around you does, though. But, I’ll take the short term nuisance of your phone ringing unanswered over the several minutes of near yelling that follows an answered ring.
People don’t realize that just because it’s hard for you to hear the other party does not mean you need to be yelling. (These are the same people who yell into speakerphones – not realizing that they have fairly sensitive microphones…)
It’s my observation that some people can’t stand doing nothing. So whether it’s a cellphone or an iPod or the newspaper, they need stimulation. Input. Something to constrain or neutralize their thoughts. Otherwise, they’d be left to comtemplate the simple beauty around them. Or, the utter fallacy and uselessness of their existence.

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