Spa Catering To Crackberry Addicts

from the finger-massage dept

We’ve had stories in the past where doctors have tried to make a big deal out of “new” ailments such as texting thumb, Playstation thumb or (the recent favorite) iPodder’s finger. And, even though, we’ve just discovered that carpal tunnel syndrome isn’t caused by too much computer usage, there’s no shortage of folks looking for ways to help solve the ailments supposedly created by technology over-usage. The latest is a Toronto spa that is offering a special “BlackBerry Balm Hand Massage,” for the low, low price of $80. Of course, as experts note in the article, it’s unlikely that any special massage is really going to help all that much if your overuse of the Blackberry is causing you hand problems. Still, apparently the treatment is quite popular among men. So, to the women out there trying to get their husbands and boyfriends to accompany them to the spa, maybe this is the trick. Of course, what’s not clear from the article is if they let you continue checking your email during the special massage. Now, that would be impressive.

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Comments on “Spa Catering To Crackberry Addicts”

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dorpus says:

What if it does cause scoliosis?

In South Korea, said to be the world’s most internet-connected society, research by Koryo University concluded that 1 out of 10 schoolchildren suffer from scoliosis. Of 6,333 pupils examined in grades 5-8, 11.2% of middle schoolers and 8.0% of grade schoolers suffered scoliosis, while girls (12.9%) were more than twice as likely to suffer as boys (5.7%).

The causes of scoliosis are not well understood; risk factors include sitting too long, poor posture, or female hormonal changes.

giafly says:


The original report said wrist pain after computer use was not a symptom of “carpal tunnel syndrome” but a different generic condition, “repetitive stress injury”. It does not seem to have addressed the number of ailments created by technology over-usage.

“Recent research has found that heavy computer use ?up to seven hours a day ? does not increase risk for carpal tunnel syndrome,” said the report… However, improper computer use and other workplace conditions can contribute to a different disorder, known as repetitive stress injury.” –

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