Biggest Threat To Internet Cafes? Baseball Caps

from the out,-out,-damn-baseball-cap dept

Over the years, we’ve seen lots of people have odd fears about internet cafes, which often seem misplaced, blaming the cafes for the activities of their patrons. Plenty of governments have tried to crack down on internet cafes in attempts to reduce bad behavior coming out of those cafes — but it appears that the famed easyInternet set of cafes is taking matters into its own hands by doing the most logical thing to stop bad behavior in the cafes: they’re banning baseball caps. Apparently, management has decided that the caps have a “hooligan image,” “are associated with anti-social deviant behavior,” and, thus, are scaring off the more sophisticated clientele that easyGroup would prefer to cater to. Who knew that you could sap a young deviant of his hooligan behavior simply by removing his baseball cap?

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Comments on “Biggest Threat To Internet Cafes? Baseball Caps”

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Akai says:

Hats off...

I think the idea that baseball caps are presenting a “hooligan image,” and “are associated with anti-social deviant behavior,” applies mostly to the people who’ve decided that it’s fashionable to wear the hat sideways…I was still under the impression that these ‘homies’ or ‘playa-s’ had yet to have found out how to use a computer due to the fact that they never learned to read (such fact due to that knowing how to read wasn’t ‘pimp’ enough for them to bother with), thusly having no idea what the S-T-A-R-T button is for. I suppose if you can’t get rid of them by removing their fashion accessories, but if that doesn’t work then just play traditional Christmas music all the time and they wouldn’t be caught dead there (due to lack of rap).

thecaptain says:

Re: Hats off...

Nah, the “real” playas, sure, THEY wouldn’t be caught dead in a net cafe or using a computer.

However, the net is FULL of suburban, middle to upper class, usually white (but not necessarily) wannabes who DO use computers and annoy everyone by “keepin tah shit reel homes!” (or whatever).

I can see the cafe wanting to keep those “homeboys” out of there…they’re just stupid.

Akai says:

Re: Re: Hats off...

Every word you speak is truth. The threat is then not in the “real” gold plated teeth, ‘fuck-your-couch’ gangstas – rather it is in the cheap imitations, they with their fake football jerseys and visable smile face boxers their mothers bought them at Walmart.

On the more serious side I do find the little copy-cat or wanna-be homeboys to be terribly annoying with their bad music thumping so loud outside their car I can hear it over my own…with the windows up. Someone needs to pistol whip them and tell them to:
1) Knock it off
2) Buy pants that fit and wear a belt with it
3) go get your teeth fixed, it’s not attractive – just stupid.

amasa says:

makes sense

I used to work in a nightclub that was a volume sort of place (2000 ppl through the door was typical). We had a dress code that included no ball caps. We found more problems at the door because people would immediately whip out their ‘badassness’ when told to comply, and since they were at the door to begin with it was easier to turn them around than to drag them out from the middle of the floor. If someone really needs internet access, tucking their hat into their waist for an hour is not a big deal. If someone’s a thug, force the issue on your terms not theirs.

Someone will argue that an internet cafe is not a nightclub, I submit to you that business is business. People are ancillary to the money they bring in.

Ben McNelly (user link) says:

No Subject Given

yep, this is a blatent case of racial discrimination, Nazi social profiling, and untollerance. By the way, since we are are picking and choosing what people in society are good enough to drink our coffe, why dont we also be biased on age, income status, body piercings, tattoos, pregnant women, and truckers…
– Jerks…

Akai says:

Re: No Subject Given

While I’m sure you’re not going to bother reading this entire post and just continue complaining about injustices to be found ramped in our seriously flawed society, I’ll go ahead and post it for other people who will. So here we go then…

It’s not racial profiling of whom is to be a ‘thug’ or ‘criminal’. Last time I checked baseball caps were considered a popular head ornament among all races and cultures. It’s the same as most restaurant?s no shirt, no shoes, no service policy. The policy applies to everyone, not just one race. A white guy will be sent out of a restaurant or department store just as quickly as someone of any other race will if he isn’t wearing a pair of pants. The coffee shop is merely asking for a dress code that is exceptionally easy to comply with, as said in a prior post of just sticking it in your back pocket for an hour and putting it back on when you go out the door. Simple solution and you still get to enjoy your mocha.

Of course we are entitled to free speech and are allowed to complain (most of which choose to indulge in this rather loudly and obscenely) if we feel that we don’t agree with something. Regardless of such complaining you have two choices, comply with the requested dress code or find somewhere else to drink your coffee. Some people will choose to ignore either reasonable option and continue to protest to the point of having to removed forcibly. And here’s the catcher…if it’s a white guy no one cares, it’s just a noisy white guy who probably needs to chill in the tank for an hour or so. But if it’s someone of a different race, they pull the racism card…and people let them get away with it. There was no behavior in the action different from the white guy’s, but because this man is causing a disturbance to the peace because he wishes to not comply with the standards of an establishment and has been warned to leave or the cops will be called and he gets arrested because he decided to keep acting rather foolishly – it’s racism.

This is what I find to be the most irritating thing in the world, is people whining because they were stupid and got in trouble for it, claiming it was racism. Yes there are times that it is indeed racism, but a large percentage of the time it isn’t. It’s just some guy whining about why he should get special treatment. And people let this happen, thus they continue to whine about it. I say quite letting people whine about it or let everyone whine about it….personally I’d prefer if they’d knock it off. In all honesty it’s likely that racism has stayed around as much and as strong as it has due to people’s reactions like this, if people quite pulling the racism card to quick and so often we might find that the idea it self dissipates to something very much outdated and ‘actually’ occurring in fewer instances. Yes there will always be racism and prejudice, but if people quite yelling “That’s racist!” so much then maybe it won’t be as bad. So in due turn please take your racism card and eat it. Thank you have a nice day please, cause I know I will even if you don’t. ^_^

FireMonkey says:

Re: No Subject Given

why dont we also be biased on age, income status, body piercings, tattoos, pregnant women, and truckers…

Done. I have been denied employment based on age, tattoos, and body piercings. And it’s not just an excuse for being an unattractive applicant – I was boldly told the reasons. When I was 19, I was told “You’d be perfect if you were ten years older.” At 23, it was “You’re the most qualified person we’ve interviewed, but we can’t have someone with visible tattoos or piercings working here.” Both reasons were repeated several times, and for several years. It was tough to swallow; I’m a clean, well groomed young man, I’m intelligent, I’m well educated, I work hard, and I’m highly motivated. But since I like to occasionally peer into counter culture…

Disgusting displays of discrimination? You betcha. Legal? Sadly enough, yes. Employers are well within their legal rights to deny employment based on appearance (think “Hooters”) or age (age discrimination laws only apply to people over 45).

Private businesses have even more “freedom” to choose what people can use their services. Any business person can refuse to do business with any person, at any time, for any reason. Sure, it’s morally reprehensible, but it’s legal. That’s my 2 cents (before taxes).

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

You’ve mentioned Hooters. I don’t believe that hooters makes orange shorts or or t-shirts in any size other than small. if a big woman wanted to work there, she wouldn’t be able to fit into the “supplied uniforms”. As for age… I’ve seen plenty of older women working at the Hooters in Long Beach, California. Plenty of unattractive women working at Hooters in Burbank and plenty of small-breasted women working at the Hooters in Hollywood… and yes, there were also men working – as supervisors, managers, busboys, cooks and everything else other than waiting on tables. “Hooters, where woman are more than just pretty decoration.”

FireMonkey says:

Re: Re: Re: No Subject Given

I think the size is actually “Too Small for the Wearer”. But I digress…

While many Hooters locations don’t discriminate, they can and have. I seem to remember some local-level court cases about women being fired for gaining weight/getting a bad haircut/ os in some way becoming “less attractive” and therefore “affecting their ability to do the job they were hired to do.” There was also a memorable case involving a man that wanted to wait tables at Hooters, or at least have the RIGHT to wait tables there, but that’s another case entirely, as it actually involves the legally forbidden practice of gender discrimination…

Another related example of appearance discrimination is employers forcing employees (particularly female employees) to wear makeup while on the job. It’s been an issue with many of the bartenders and dealers in Las Vegas casinos.

[Side Note: I’ve been to the Hooters in both Burbank and Hollywood, and I agree that it is NOT always, or even often, pretty. I can only imagine what it’s like in LB. *shudder*]

Michael Vilain says:

Re: We already do this

Lots of coffee bars in the area don’t really want a bunch of kids hanging around. They don’t buy much and they take up all the tables. So one got the bright idea of only playing classical music. Poof. All the kids vanished and adults that like that kind of music started hanging out there. Place is doing so much better.

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