Life Imitates Art: Man Breaks Into House To Fix Computers

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Just last week, some friends were telling me about this movie they had recently seen called Bin-jip or “3 Iron.” The movie is about a man who breaks into peoples’ homes while they’re away — but rather than robbing them, he “repays” them by fixing things, doing the laundry and random other chores. So, it was a bit surprising to then read an article saying that, in China, a man was arrested for breaking into someone’s house and fixing a computer, as well as doing the laundry and other random chores. The specific situation is a bit different, as the guy had a crush on the woman in the house and was caught taking her MP3 player so it, too, could be repaired — but also with some of her underwear, making the motives even more questionable. Still, apparently the court was swayed by the love story, and let the guy off.

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Comments on “Life Imitates Art: Man Breaks Into House To Fix Computers”

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Dr.Apathy says:

Re: Re: Re: chivalry isn't dead

And in China it’s even worse, with the economy out there as skewed as it is, it could cost $150 an hour to fix a computer. I don’t think he was really fixing it though. Seems to me that if he’s willing to steal her underwear, he’s also likely to install a key logger, or something ilicit like that.

Ben says:


Right, what about the neighbour? Shouldn’t she be the only one allowed to be swayed? Or did he bribe the judge off with her bra? I fail to see how this is a love story, its more like a story of obsession and unless shes fallen head over hills for him (Which always happens!), she should have grounds to sue to court if this guy in any way screws up her life with his craziness.

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