Now They're Just Rubbing It In Our Faces

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We’ve noted several times how South Korea is one of the clear leaders, along with Japan, in mobile technology. Now, though, they’re just being showoffs, as the country’s three mobile operators have decided that all their phones should have standardized sync and charge ports. No more hunting down new chargers and cables when people there get a new phone, no more searching for compatible headsets and other accessories. Forget this 3G stuff, standard charger ports is the way to go.

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Comments on “Now They're Just Rubbing It In Our Faces”

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drawerFull says:

Why stop at cell phones?

Why stop at cell phones? I have drawers full of chargers. We have landfills full of perfectly good chargers.

I realize that different devices have different requirements. I’m not an electrical engineer, but it seems like some basic standard circuitry could be developed that would allow devices to request certain power specs (6 volt DC, 12 volt AC, etc.). At very least we could have standardized connectors for different power configurations.

There are probably a lot of vendors who would like to skip including an adapter with every device they sell. Wider adoption could be encouraged by outlawing the bundling of adapters with devices.

Asche says:

Standard Power

While making a standard port is a good idea, it is great for transferrability of items in theory, BUT, we have not standardized on power.
US uses 120V 60 Hz, while Europe uses 220V 50 Hz, the more efficient power is that used by aircraft… 400 HZ in varying voltages.
The advantages are in efficiency, 1 Amp at 1V DC requires a much larger conductor than 1A @ 115V, higher frequency means smoother power output when rectified to DC.
Frequency also affects how far the power can travel with a certain amount of loss… 115 V DC cannot travel a block without serious loss. this is why we use AC. Thank You Nikola Tesla!!!
While standardizing cables is good in theory, it also limits innovation, and speed increase…
think the difference in CAT3 Vs CAT5e… Serial or Parallel and USB, or FireWire?
standard connectors will be a good idea if they are allowed to have flexibility to adapt over time…
Power is not as critical… personal items like Cell Phones? use a different port type based on the charging voltage. data, a standard PLUS an advanced port would be nice.. USB for charging and light data, fiber port for heavy transfers!!!

Akuma says:

Helping end user

Helping the end user, maybe.. helping the industry – not really. They’re moving towards a more competitive market and away from having any monopoly power (by differentiation). I mean, in the long run it eliminates dead weight and work towards equalizing market power between them, but no particular company (for example the one with the highest sales) will also benefit from increased sales from add on components. Now the syncing – that’s hot

dorpus says:

Yeah but it'll cause scoliosis

While South Korea boasts of being the most internet-connected society in the world, research by Koryo University, which examined 6,333 pupils in grades 5-8, concluded that 1 out of 10 schoolchildren suffer from scoliosis. 11.2% of middle schoolers and 8.0% of grade schoolers suffered scoliosis, while girls (12.9%) were more than twice as likely to suffer as boys (5.7%).

The causes of scoliosis are not well understood; risk factors include sitting too long, poor posture, or female hormonal changes.

The 2ch crowd is having a field day with this, saying that it’s because Koreans eat too much kimchi, their twisted character, their twisted view of history, their inferior genes, etc.

dorpus says:

Will it make Bank Accounts Popular?

In Japan, where bank accounts are too modern a concept for most people, people walk around carrying huge bundles of cash. A woman in Osaka carried $10,000 of life savings in her purse every day, and as she was riding her bicycle, a stranger lifted the purse out of her front basket and ran off with it.

The woman’s life has thus been destroyed, she will lose her house and identity, so she will have to commit suicide now.

SysAdmin says:

About time someone thought of doing it ...

Imagine, being able to buy a cell phone (or other device!!) and not having to throw out the other charger you already had! Imagine the land fill space that would be saved!! (only slightly sarcastic).

Seriously, it not a bad idea. All the devices basicly use the same battery technology. Same basic charge rate.

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