Probably Not A Good Idea: Robbing A Bank By Phone

from the just-saying... dept

A few weeks ago we had the story of the woman (later caught) who was making lots of news by robbing banks while chatting on a mobile phone. As a nice end-of-day Friday post, we’ll leave you with this story about another bank robber who seems to have gone about things in a slightly different manner. Two days after robbing a bank in person, he decided they hadn’t given him enough money, so he rang them up from his phone and demanded the manager meet him somewhere with more money. Yes, he used his own phone. Yes, it didn’t take long for the police to track down who the guy was. No one ever said bank robbers were particularly intelligent.

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Comments on “Probably Not A Good Idea: Robbing A Bank By Phone”

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Just one guy (user link) says:

No Subject Given

5NPOD (the Society of 5-Neurons People, One Disconnected) is proud to announce the identification of one of their long-lost brothers in Auckland, Australia.

“It is always great to have one of our brothers reveal himself to the world through deeds rather than words” is supposed to have quoted its President, according to one of the possible interpretations of his mumblings. “Stupidity is great when you have many like-minded people to share it with!” he might have added.

All hail the anonymous bank robber in Auckland!

Patrick Tosline says:

I think I know this guy

He was in my Kindergarden class . . . if not it should be him, because he was always taking something from me! He would call me on his play phone in our classroom and toys from me and my invisible friends. My invisible friend use to always get away, but my “Inviso” powers seem to fail me. I think it had something to do with wet pants . . . I sure hope that was him! If not I am sure I will get a call from him on that darn Fisher Price phone . . . I better get caller ID, like Dr. Hemi . . .

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