No, No, No! It's This Monday That's Cyber Monday… Maybe

from the or-maybe-it's-next-monday dept

A few weeks ago, we wrote about how the idea that the Monday after Thanksgiving is somehow the busiest online shopping day of the year known as “Cyber Monday” was actually completely made up by a bunch of online marketers hoping to boost interest in online sales. The truth was that the Monday after Thanksgiving is nothing special. Of course, now that it’s in the past and out of everyone’s minds, another company is now claiming that this coming Monday is the real busiest online shopping day of the year… unless it’s the following Monday. Or, they say, there’s a possibility that it would be the Monday after that. But, you know, one of these Mondays. Meanwhile another firm is asking what Monday has to do with anything. They insist that “Cyber Monday” is really a Tuesday. That’s right, next Tuesday might be the biggest online shopping day of the year. But, maybe not. Of course, since you don’t have to brave the crowds at the mall… do you really care?

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Comments on “No, No, No! It's This Monday That's Cyber Monday… Maybe”

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Tom H says:

Hype or not, it is true for our site

In our online business selling various consumer electronics, traffic and buying has been at its peak for the year on the Monday after Thanksgiving. This has been true for three years running.

Mondays are almost always the peak of the week, and hottest during business hours — our theory is that people talk or see things over the weekend then use their broadband connection at work to close the deal.

So it’s not completely a myth. Unless maybe I am part of the conspiracy!

Jenn @ (user link) says:

Cyber Monday is here to stay

I read this and noticed this was a few years ago. By now, I think we all know Cyber Monday is here to stay. The deals are great and people do buy a lot of stuff online. Actually, some of the deals are cheaper than Black Friday. Our site at tracks deals and we found many deals that are better than Black Friday and this is still early in the morning.

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