Send In The Eyeball

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The FCC has given approval to an “eyeball camera” that police can use to try to get a better view of an ongoing situation. It sounds like something out of a science fiction story, but the technology isn’t particularly complicated and, if anything, it’s surprising this wasn’t already in widespread use (it is in other countries, apparently). It’s just a small camera with a wireless transmitter packed inside a “rugged rubber and polyurethane housing.” Basically, it’s a wireless camera the size of a baseball that the police can throw into a location to get a picture of what’s going on. Of course, that “size of a baseball” bit seems problematic. Aren’t most criminals going to notice when a big rubber baseball flies into the room where they’re holding hostages?

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Comments on “Send In The Eyeball”

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dorpus says:

Surveillance Society

In Nagano (where they held the Olympics a few years ago), an 11-y.o. boy went missing after getting into an argument with his family. The internet has turned the incident into a feeding frenzy of people watching web cams of nearby highways. As part of the problem, a 23-y.o. woman claimed to have fed dinner to the boy and let him stay over — but she turned out to be just lying.

Will street cams give unprecedented opportunities for hoaxes like this too?

Web cam right next to where boy disappeared at

dorpus says:

Re: What if eyes can be blown out of bubbles?

      (?・ω・`)     ○   (?・ω・`) 。 O
         ○  。
      。  (?・ω・`)  ○ 。  기~우~디~
 ∧_∧    。 o ○                리ー으ー
 (*?・ω・)y━o          (?・ω・`)
 ( つ□ノ
  し’ し’

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