GoDaddy Sends Safari And Opera Users To Nowhere?

from the gone-baby-gone dept

Not quite sure what’s going on, but Slashdot points to a story claiming that Opera and Safari users who visit sites hosted on GoDaddy that use their domain forwarding service are being sent to blank pages instead. There’s some talk back and forth about whose fault it is — and GoDaddy is basically blaming an un-named vendor (the story says Apple, but a bunch of people have said that’s not the problem, though, the name Cisco is mentioned as a possibility). The sites still work in IE or Firefox. Still, the odd thing is that this has apparently been going on for quite some time (nearly two weeks) and has yet to be fixed. You would think that, whoever is at fault, they would be able to fix it by now.

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Comments on “GoDaddy Sends Safari And Opera Users To Nowhere?”

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ZackMac (user link) says:

thanks mike!

Thanks for posting this!

This issue went on for weeks but within hours of being on Slashdot, GoDaddy fixed the problem. After Slashdot exposure they quickly fell off the “blame Apple” bandwagon but still aren’t accepting even partial responsibility and instead blame a vendor. Regardless, I’m just glad it is finally fixed.

So at least it is working but I’ll probably be switching registrars as soon as I can afford the transfer fees.

By the way, all those who said GoDaddy was not blaming Apple were dead wrong. That’s all they did for weeks when those of us experiencing the problem with our hosted domains contacted support. Here is just one example:

Dear Zack,

Thank you for contacting customer support. We have not changed in anyway our forwarding system. The forwarding issue with Safari is a known issue at this time. Unfortunately, this problem does not originate at GoDaddy but is most likely an issue with Safari. For more information regarding this, please contact Apple support. We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing.

Please let us know if we can help you in any other way.

Learn more about our Shared, Virtual-Dedicated, and Dedicated hosting: Click here


James G.

Customer Service Representative

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