CBS To Show NCAA Basketball Games Online For Free

from the double-dribble dept

CloakedMirror wrote in to point out the news that CBS plans to stream games from this year’s NCAA basketball tournament online. They’ve done this for the last three years, but for the first time will let viewers watch out-of-market games not available on their local broadcast affiliate for free. With all the questionable decisions TV networks make regarding the internet, it’s good to see one doing something right, even if it’s a relatively small move. CBS plans to support the service through ads, and given that, why not broadcast all the games? It’s hard to see why the networks should care how people watch their shows, if they can provide them in a format with advertising. Piracy shouldn’t be a concern for something like the NCAA tournament, as popular live sports events don’t have a whole lot of value once they’ve finished and the score is out.

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Comments on “CBS To Show NCAA Basketball Games Online For Free”

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CloakedMirror says:

Re: Question ?

In my original submission of the story, I did point out that I thought it would be a good idea if they (CBS) allowed viewers to purchase the content using the “premium” service that they had used in the previous three years. That “premium” service would allow viewing without the advertising, but might be a bigger technological hurdle since they would need to run two streams per game.

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