Who's At Fault For Leaving Sony BMG CDs On The Market?

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We’ve been hearing stories about New York and Texas are investigating or suing Sony BMG over the rootkit CDs — but the issue in both cases is that the CDs are still on sale at retail outlets, despite Sony BMG’s recall of the discs. Of course, one question that hasn’t really been addressed is who is responsible for that? Assuming Sony BMG properly issued the recall, then doesn’t it become the retailers’ responsibility to remove the CDs from the shelves? How much of the fact that these CDs are still on the shelves can be chalked up to retail store owners hoping to cash in on CD sales during the holiday buying period and choosing to ignore the recall?

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Comments on “Who's At Fault For Leaving Sony BMG CDs On The Market?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

I would guess that retailer incompetence is to blame. One thing that would quickly wake them up is some well-written notes to their legal departments. Something along the lines of: “you are selling a product with proven security problems — if you do not remove it from your shelves, you could be held accountable”

Just Me says:


I worked in retail for about a year. Every morning we had a printout from HQ with a list of things to do before the store opened. One of the items was always to pick something off of the shelves and ship it back to the warehouse. Maybe the software biz is different from selling CDs, but about a day later the system was updated and wouldn’t even let us sell a discontinued item.

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