Too Convenient? Project Manager Of New Anti-Theft Tech Has Car Stolen

from the yeah,-right dept

This one sounds way too convenient. Apparently the project manager on a new type of vehicle-anti-theft system had his car stolen (and recovered) just a couple weeks before the technology was to be launched. The “thief” was never caught and the car was found, “abandoned,” a few miles from the owner’s home. The timing, and the complete lack of details seem to work in favor of this being more of a publicity stunt than a real crime at work.

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Comments on “Too Convenient? Project Manager Of New Anti-Theft Tech Has Car Stolen”

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Rikko says:

Good call

Good call Mike, this one’s a bunch of crap.

It’s even written in a pretty company-fellating way.. Blech.

It’s all meaningless anyways – your new anti theft system will work so long as the thieves haven’t figured it out yet, and then you’re back where you started.

Anything that requires power can be exploited.

The only effective (and cheap) way I see to deter auto crime is to behead car thieves on the side of the road and leave them there…

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